Pyke upcoming 9.21 nerf

Hello, I am just writing this to address my concerns for the upcoming pyke nerf. His health per level will be reduced from 100-90 and his grey health heal is being reduced from 30-81% to 20-50% of damage taken. Could this please be reconsidered due to the fact that this is the only part of pyke's kit that makes him a viable support laner. When his q multi-hit got removed and his e stun on minions was removed it forced pyke out of all other lanes and into support. Now it seems like he is going to be forced out of support as well due to the fact that he's had two nerfs dedicated to reducing his sustainability. He used to have more armor to make him more sustainable in bot lane but that got removed forcing pyke to take aftershock. Now pyke will not be able to make any trades in the early or mid game as it will be too punishing for him and he will only be able to go for picks. Pyke being a support melee champion needs sustainability in order to be viable for the early-mid game. The fact that pyke players are forced to take aftershock because pyke is already too squishy should be an indicator that pyke's kit does not provide enough for him to survive against an adc and a tank/ranged supp. A lot of people get upset that pyke heals too much but please remember that pyke cannot heal his teammates like other supports and other supports can heal both themselves and their adcs to full hp in a matter of seconds. As a player that mained pyke in plat and low diamond I don't see how this nerf is justified based on the fact that in all ranks pykes winrate is not even higher than 51%. In mid-diamond on oce pyke has to play a lot safer and can't do much early game because people can dodge and also know how to punish pyke. This patch removes pyke from higher rank and competitive play. This seems way too harsh on a support champion that doesn't have a heal or shield or point and click stun. All I ask is maybe this patch be reconsidered or potentially toned down as i understand in low elo pyke can stomp teams solo but in higher elo that is not the case. Pyke's mediocre winrate doesn't justify nerfing his only sustain ability. I hope there is some way that this has potential to change minds about this patch and i hope it doesn't just get forgotten/ignored. Thankyou.
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