Let us Reorder Skills per champion

there needs to be a way were we can drag out QWE skills into the order we want becuase we are humans not robots... we have muscle memory. i would LOVE to learn {{champion:518}} i really would... but the fact is i have spend nearly 6 years playing champions that have thier skillshot on thier Q {{champion:76}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:53}} im 30 years old now. neeko would be amazing if i could just swap her E and her Q.. but i CAN'T i just cant overide the muscle memory i have of Q being my skillshot and yeah i could go into the setting after every game and rebind the hotheys.. but the still gives me a misrepresented visual when i look at my skillbar to see what is on cooldown there are so mnay champion i could learn not just {{champion:518}} . if i could make them work with the muscle memory i have. its the same reason why u can tell if a person is being boosted if they swap thier {{summoner:4}} key. its muscle memory... u cant override it.. and yeah it would take a little bit of coding to get this to work... but not much. even if it didnt save after every match.. even if in every game i had to drag the skill on the skill bar to the correct spot from Q to E and have them swap... it would be better than what we have now
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