@Riot; Item Diversity

I was wondering why {{item:3140}} only builds into 1 item. Specifically {{item:3140}} +{{item:1037}} +{{item:1053}} ={{item:3139}} . Like even bami's cinder has a second item variant (Cinderhulk Enchantment). Yet QSS only builds into 1 AD specific item. The game has become so heavily soaked with cc and yet the best mages have are {{summoner:1}} {{item:3102}} or take {{champion:25}} or be {{champion:90}} . While Ad champs have {{summoner:1}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3814}} and can have a morg on the team or be {{champion:15}} . Yes Banshees can be great but at the same time unlike Edge of night where you pick when you want to set your spellshield up Banshees is ALWAYS UP until used up and then you have to wait for it to come back up, so any little spell can pop it like edge of night, but for edge of night you decide when to use it so you optimize its efficiency. This makes mages at an even larger disadvantage because their cc protection can be burned through whenever accidentally and then they have no way to cleanse it. The main thing im trying to say is if theres a base item, {{item:3140}} for example why does it not have more than one build choice, this goes for any item I haven't considered, but following New Morde's release this came up recently and really bothers me. Like even {{item:3140}} +{{item:3108}} (or){{item:1058}} into an item with a cleanse effect would be an amazing addition. But if not please explain why this kind of thing is avoided thank you.
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