Dear Riot: So about those Warwick bugs.

{{champion:19}} Our poor puppy here is still suffering from a few bugs. From an obnoxiously loud death sound to his W not working right (By that I mean sprinting when I move the opposite direction instead of the straight line towards the low health champ). There's even a randomized delay on the heal from his Q which I noticed earlier (though it could just be lag on my end tbh). Coming from someone who hasn't been in the forums in... ever. It surprised me to learn that our favorite homicidal "vigilante" has had a list of bugs for months? I could be entire wrong, tbh. And I mean... just putting it here... It'd be a nice to have a bit of a balance patch to better fit him in with all these item and jungle changes. They didn't seem to be entirely too healthy for him. That's just me. No need to bite back. I'm just saying Warwick could use some love along with other champs. Please don't hurt me, fellow League of Legends community. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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