Sometimes jungle match ups are straight up unwinnable if the other jungle simply walks into your jungler. HELP THEM!!! Don't bitch whine and moan about how they're 4 levels behind when all you did to help them being Perma Invaded was sit there and type at them. It's infuriating absolutely infuriating that your going to sit there and watch me lose a 1v1 match up that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The jungle, is not the same as lane, if i'm not playing a 1v1 focused Jungler, i will lose, every. Single. Time. To those 1v1 jungler's, there is no "Outplay" there is no "Counterplay." if udyr walks into me and i'm playing a post-6 jungler, i lose, flat out, no winning. So when i'm being perma invaded and you KNOW that i can't win 1v1, help me, so that i can help you. Also, don't turn this thread around on jungler's, i know were not perfect either but THIS get's on my nerves more than ANYTHING else that laner's do. Map awareness is important. TLDR: HELP YOUR FUCKING JUNGLER AND STOP BITCHING AT THEM WHEN THEY"RE BEHIND WHEN YOU COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
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