ADC is the worst role possible,change my mind

Maining them since S1,its literally the least fun you can have in this game. -You're the main target and the focus of the enemy team -Youre gonna get 4manned bot -You're the squishiest enemy,how convenient -The enemy jungler will camp you the most -Don't pull you have the support card,its the WORST possible thing about this role,depending on another person through out lane is a total coin flip,just in 4-5 games today my supports combined a score of around 10/40 -Everyone expects you to carry and flame you if you start losing,even though your mid laner fed the enemy zed 10 kills - Youre the weakest class early even though most games end at 20 minutes and if not, the enemy that snowballed can now make your life a living hell - You have the least amount of CC or Burst,making you the worst at 1v1s -You have the worst build paths for most items,you're the only class whos core build consists of buying parts of 2 separate items - You get flamed in normals,2 times just today,for not picking the most op tier ADC currently available,cause ofcourse,youre the only one that is supposed to carry,nevermind that whenever i play Ryze,Ahri,Swain i get the most damage in the team consistently,not to mention people playing Irelia,Yi,Yas,Jax etc. I'm sick and tired of OMG ADCs OP Rhetoric,im 100% sure most of the people claiming this never played that role in their life and are just salty cause they can't 2v1 an ADC with a GOOD support,emphasis on good,since there's about 20% chance of getting a good support. I think i've played the role for 7-8 years now but no more,just rework the whole class so they can go to other lanes and not depend on a support,its disgusting looking at Yasuo,Yi,Jax,Riven,Irelia,Nasus,Zed killing people in 3 shots and winning 1v3s while the boards cry how melees are weak and bruisers need more buffs,total lunacy. Now lets wait for a bronze 3 top main to tell me how an ADC can melt a full tank in 2 seconds,because there's always that one guy
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