WTF is wrong with you? He's already waaaaay too strong and with no options to play against him. EDIT: Jesus came on today and this was a pretty big thread. Now the salt of my previous game (Where Ekko had got 4 kills from my Kog jungle without me dying once, despite me spam pinging every time Ekko stepped out) has gone ill give more details on why I hate him. His Q is very easy to dodge from long range but its power is the ability to almost one-shot minions waves starting very early on (and he will usually use it after getting close with E and the slow attached is devastating and undodgeable). He just shoves, roams, shoves roams and unless you can match his roams or push back you're fucked. And his ult really doesn't need explaining losing fight? hit R. Win fight. Obviously not true for all situations but yeah Ekko really doesn't need any kind of fucking buff.
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