zhonyas is overloaded

zhonyas right now gives 75 ap, 45 armor, 10%cdr, the best defensive active in the game and has some of the best build components in the game. this is so evident when you see people building zhonyas against fizz, ap malphite and other ap burst champions simply because of the active, instead of building the item that gives mr, aka banshees veil. i think the cdr needs to be removed from this item and the passive on bashees needs to work in a way where you activate it reactively and block 1 spell. right now, the item is useless against most champions that you would want to build ut against because any ability can trigger it and it has a 45 second cooldown. for example: banshees would be built to block zac's e, but he can simply smite you while he flies and he will proc your banshees. make banshees work like sivir's e. it would be a lot more skill expressive because good people would be able to make game-winning plays with proper usage of banshees. this way, banshees would actually be a good option against ap champions like fizz because you can react to his shark and block it if you are good enough to do it. zhonyas should be built mostly agaisnt ad heavy comps or ad assassins and right now, mages build that item every single game because of how overloaded it is. when you add that to the fact that the other defensive option for mages is very underwhelming, you have a very big balance issue because this item can single-handedly make or break the game.

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