Ad Assasins

Listen, this patch ad assassins played on mid have died. I dropped all the way from platinum 2 to plat 5 0 lp and im going straight to gold because i cant carry my teammates with the new items that have been reworked. For example, yasuo is a champion that he hits his powerspike as soon as he gets IE and PD. WIth the new changes not only his dmg is nerfed and the true dmg is only good enoght for tanks, but also his over all kit is very much skill base and in this meta where everyone plays garen and adc's like lucian and janna which one of biggest counters to yasuo, he is basicaly dead after a certain amount of time in the game. Items have been much more expensive and an item like IE which is supposed to be similar to Rabadons in Ap assasins is not even close on being as powerful. Playing against an ap assassin on mid is basically suicide from now on since if he plays safe you are unable to buy IE and PD before 25 minutes and farm is not an option since the enemy jungler is going to camp your lane just because you are gonna play yasuo. With the changes that you make you are basically forcing players to change their play-style and play ap assasins mages or tanks. The problem is that when you are found at platinum 2 you don't really have enough time to examine yourself and main other champions and that's why i dropped so much. I'm aware that most of the things that i've said here will be ignored but i really hope that we see some changed on items next patch * {{item:3031}} {{champion:157}} {{item:3095}}
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