The only decent thing about scuttle change is that junglers now know what it feels like

to truly fall behind their counterpart and spiral downwards. Look at top lane. If you lose the lane and give up a kill (which would kind of be the top lane equivalent of losing a scuttler) you're presented with two scenarios. #1 Your champion can effectively counter the enemy pick and so you can hopefully rebound by playing somewhat safe #2 Your champion does not counter the enemy pick or even worse is countered by the enemy pick, you will now have to hug your turret for 5 years and miss half of pretty much every wave while the enemy laner establishes a massive lead on you with which they can use to control the top side of the map for easily 10 or so minutes of the game barring a given bot lane snowballing out of control. Before junglers could just do whatever they wanted with impunity. Gank a million times? Take a camp and see your exp restored. Dont wanna deal with enemy jg? Just play PvE in your own jg and if a ward spots him just avoid him and play PvE elsewhere even if for a slight but not catastrophic loss in exp or gold advantage. That being said, yes, the scuttle change is awful because there are probably way better changes to make t accomplish the goals riot set out for the scuttle change. But it's nice to see junglers truly feel what it's like to TRULY fall behind. The fact that there are people being upvoted saying to completely revert the jungle changes so junglers can go back to their cancerous ways of permaganking top or bot lane and never truly falling behind in exp is fucking insane.
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