Why is this happening to me?

Two days ago I lock in Twitch adc my team feeds my Lulu and I carry them with me finishing 17/0. Next five games I carry too then i lose 20 games in a row getting guy that never played Vel'Koz who buys dorans,getting autofill supps. I have first time Vel'Koz vs their level 7 500k mastery points Lee. No matter how good I perform or bad I can't win. I go 18/3 with Jhin I lose i go 1/8 with Trist i lose. If I carry I lose if I can't carry I lose. Then I win 5-10 of my games and lose 20 again. I am not joking I am not saying that I play every game perfectly nor that bronze quote "My team is bad" yeah some games I feed too I throw but why can't somebody play Twitch in my team and carry me? Why i go 2/0 in 6 mins and then my ping goes 500 and I end up losing. Why does my Rengar build infinity edge after having Hydra,Duskblade and Youmuus? Why do I get autofill support while playing adc and they have two premades on theor main roles on bot. How to stop tilt and try to solo carry? I am so mad because no matter how i am good or bad and my team is good or bad i lose. I just don't know anymore..
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