What am I supposed to do as a top main??

Ok Im gonna try really hard not to be toxic, but the best part about top lane is the lore.... It is the only lane where pure counterpicks are aloud to exist. counterpicked mid? go get your double kill bot, counter picked bot? well youve got another guy in the lane with you and even if he gets counterpicked too it doesnt really matter cause the first team to 4 man bot wins anyway. jg counterpicks can be played around extremely well in 99% of cases. then there is top trynd, teemo, mundo, quinn, rengar. im not mad at these champs and they can be fun top.... but heres the thing **whether or not you win lane is decided in champion select 90% of the time** you pick trynd and the enemy picks teemo? well god damn thats a shame. you picked morde into irelia? well you should buy scuttle lunch cause you aint gonna be able to go top any time soon. malphite into quinn jax or gp into pantheon the list goes on and on, and its not like you can do anything but pray to god your jg camps you for the first 5 minutes of the game and tp is in the shitter. No where to go, nothing to do, have fun with your 30 cs at 20 min and 3 death because they have a diver jg and you cant even be under tower.
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