Can't get good (Jungle), any tips?

So yeah, I'll try my best to not make it a TL;DR post, but overall, I've did everything I could to try and get better at jungle, but it seems like even tho I'm watching every video I can and watch any tips/tricks/top picks, I can't get better. Basically I've recently started playing a bit more "seriously" (Not really, but more dedication towards Ranked) since I've stopped playing league for a year-or-so because of the community. With that said, I do have a 8-5 job and a girlfriend, so I can't really play as much and hardcore as some of the players, but I'm trying my best to catch up by watching videos at lunch time at my job and try to learn everything there's to know. I've seen degradation in my WR since I started watching videos (Might not be correlated, but might, since I'm trying to change a playstyle and basically my foundations)... So my degradation is pretty bad too, at the point where I'm wondering if I even deserve to be "Gold" (Even tho I was Plat for the last 3 seasons). Imma be honest, I try really hard to apply some of the tips and tricks I've seen in my playstyle, but I have the feeling that those tips aren't really helping since every games are different, and trying to apply those tips in every game might be the reason why I suck that hard. I know there's some tips that NEEDS to be applied each game (Scoreboard check for CS, tracking the jungle, invading when he's doing a play and I'm far, etcetc) but there's some of those tips I can't find myself able to apply. I've always thought I was no the best jungle/player since my mechanics are pretty trash, but I've always thought I deserved at least Platinum, not higher, not really lower. But this season, I feel like I deserve Silver/Bronze and it's kinda tilting me seeing how awful and r%%%%%ed my plays are and how I path/do nothing for the team basically. I'm really trying my best to do well, but it really seems in my ELO, people don't react. (Not everyone, but the majority). And hear me out, I KNOW I make bad calls and bad plays (a lot recently), but when both top and mid have lane priority and I go for an invade, no one seem to rotate. I feel like as hard as I'm trying to get better and deny the enemy jungle, the more I get punished for it. + Laners are the most toxic people in the universe, and even tho I don't really look at it (Chat is the smallest it can be + sometimes I mute all, but I don't feel like mute all is helping me OR my team) TL;DR : I suck at my main role jungle, my pathing is surely horrible and my mechanics sucks. I can't win games because I feel like every move I try to make, I get punished for it, and if I don't make any more, my laners just die and I can't help it, or don't know how. I try my best to buy pinks when I think about it (which is rare, this is one thing I try to really get better at). Any help from a fellow player who struggled through this could help me get out of this vicious circle? Thanks boys! (Btw, sorry for bad English.) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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