In what planet is Jax even considered a balanced champion?

Late game champion right? Yeah, starts outtrading a Kled from level 2+. Late game champion btw. 2 seconds of auto attack immunity which he can attack through. His cooldowns are basically non existent and with SoS, there is no cooldowns at all. 54% win rate and a Tier 1 champion on OP.GG for like 6-7 years now, “Jax needs buffs”. For once I want to see Jax’s win rate drop below 50%. I have never seen this in my 8 years of playing this game. How to balance Jax: Increase the CD of Jax Q to 15 seconds Rank 1 or remove ward and ally hopping. This is an old mechanic that is bullshit. Lee Sin is allowed it because he cannot use W on an enemy champion, so why is Jax allowed to use Q on enemies and allies. They are both point and click abilities. Remove the stun from Jax E or change Jax E where he cannot auto attack while his E is active, but his passive stacks are paused while E is active.
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