When you find out the role/champions you were born to Play

Ive experienced something funny in League of Legends and was curious if this happened with someone else... When and how did you find your champions and role on the 5v5 matchup? Me: Ive tried countless times to play "damage dealers" only to fail miserably. It was then when i found out...im the kind of guy to "help others" and "support" my team. It is so noticeable i can even have a positive win ratio with IVERN jungle. I can only play Tanky Support roles. I love shields, CC and tankyness to help my carries as much as possible. With this said this are my only champions: TOP {{champion:420}} MID {{champion:3}} JUNGLE {{champion:427}} SUPPORT {{champion:201}} ADC {{champion:15}} FAVORITE ITEM {{item:3190}} **TELL US YOUR STORY ON HOW YOU FOUND YOUR CHAMPION & ROLE**
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