Jungling is frustrating.

It's not frustrating in a normal way. A better word might be _'infuriating'_ to be fair. It's a role that requires your team not to feed before you can even gank. It's a role that requires people to go in when you gank and/or engage. It's a role that requires you to pick a specific set of champions to fight over scuttlecrab if you meet. It's a role that requires your team to come & help when the enemy jungler's caught counter-jungling. It's a role that snowballs entire lanes through one or two kills. You know, maybe if you reduced the value of kills, then you can actually reduce snowballing and increase the power of the jungler, you know? Currently they decide games if their teammates are competent, and they are nonexistent if their teammates are chimps. One single kill will net the jungler and either the ADC+Support, the Mid, or the Top a minimum of 450-600g + 2 turret plates, not counting the enemy laner's missed farm. That's around 770-920g, equating to 22-26 AD, 35-42 AP, 19-23 Crit%, 30-36 AttackSpeed%, 20-24 LifeSteal%, _34-40 Lethality_, or 24-29 MPen. That's, for the ADC with the best AD growth (Jhin), 5 whole levels of stats. Isn't that kind of extreme in this high-burst instant-death low-counterplay meta? Do me and every other jungler a favor and ~~fuck off~~ make kills less important. It used to be that three minion waves (27x9, 63x1, 20x9) was worth more than a kill and that's what had kept the assassin carries and champions focused on killing people from becoming overbearing. Now that it's gone, guess what: those champions are permaban status, and now jungle has to be nerfed incessantly to keep it from becoming overbearing as well. All because kills are now the name of the game.
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