Earn Essence After Every Match

Dude so I grind 8 days to get to lvl 30 after work. Only have a handful of champs I play, hit lvl 30, and I have to get more champs I don't play just to play ranked. Why not make it like the good'ol days where you could earn IP after a match. Literally I would be 2 matches away from getting 2 champs but noooooooo, I have to wait a week or until I level up again. Seeing as I only have about an hour or so to play before I have to sleep and go back to work I find this bullsh*t. Not to mention XP earned is now based on winning or losing instead of how you play.... so grinding is sadly what I have to do. Riot f*cked up once they changed the in-game currency to B.E...… they are forcing you to play their game longer to get what you want instead of just earning after every match. "But that's why there's missions" No _**--Removed by Moderation--**_, missions are useless, "first win of the day" no _**--Removed by Moderation--**_, thats hard if you only get trash players who feed then blame you for their mistakes.. also time to play a day is greatly reduced to a few games "buy RP" no no no, this is a free to play game. Skins are for saps who just wanna show off and get attention on their new skins. and it would make it a pay to play ranked in my current situation... "you just said its a free to play game, arent you contradicting yourself" no, no I am not, of all the f2p games I've played, including this one until a couple seasons ago, you could earn in-game currency after EVERY match with the inclusion of daily challenges, hourly challenges, all the time challenges. Rito REVERT BACK TO EARNING IN-GAME CURRENCY AFTER EVERY MATCH {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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