Ranked Theory: Riot plants a bot with varying difficulty in the team that it wants to lose

My theory is that Riot plants bots into the team that it wants to lose, The bots will start out fine, but after 20 to 25 minutes they will start "auto piloting" and split push the entire game or farm without any communication with the team. The bot will do worse and worse the better the rest of your team is doing to prevent your team from winning (You know those games where your teams score is 20/5 and with all the dragons but you still end up losing?). they may say generic phrases that aren't related to any conversation such as "The throws are real boys" or just not say anything at all, Riot has me on a loss streak to get be back to 50% win rate because i got up to 60 to 65% win rate and i've noticed this bot like behavior from several games. Keep an eye out for people that stay silent the entire game, Or you can audit them by asking a basic math question such as 5 x 3. The last one refused to answer any question even after I told them why i was asking it.
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