rework taliyah plz?

KZ vs AF - Game 3 | Round 1 S9 LCK 2019 Regional Qualifier | Kingzone DragonX vs Afreeca Freecs G3
Round 1 AF vs KZ G3 lck Regional Qualifier for Worlds 2019 - Afreeca Freecs vs Kingzone DragonX Game 3 Play-Offs Round 1 LoL eSports LCK Korea Regional Qualifier Worlds 2019. LoL eSports Season 9 LCK Regional Qualifier- Kingzone DragonX vs Afreeca Freecs Game 3.
slow mo on taliyah's dogshit dmg. had luden and morello and needs 3-4 full q's to kill single target while leblanc can just oneshot carries with the same items. edit: if u slow down more, u can see leblanc used W on taliyah's E, and 2 rocks did 100 dmg. luden + morello BTW. or, i guess riot is satisfied with taliyah jungle, while taliyah was designed to be a mid laner. ~~def not bcuz lazy to look into this champ~~
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