What do the 8.10 Jungle Changes Mean?

https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-810-notes Some thoughts: 1. Red/Blue buff monsters give 115 exp plus the bonus 50 w jg item = 165. Junglers no longer hit level 2 with the first camp? That'll really screw over some junglers who need another ability to help clear their 2nd camp. Also no more buff then gank ez or twitch jgs. 2. Common path before was buff->wolves->buff->gank/invade at level 3. Now champs wont be level 3 and at no point in the game will they ever be on par with solo laners... so it'll force junglers to do buff wolves buff scuttle to level 3 to fight? Or buff, wolves/raptors then scuttle before 2nd buff? 3. Midlaners should be the ones ganking jungle now. Having a level up at the level 3 spike, ward enemy top side then faster clearing jg and harder shoving mid can go invade the opposing level 2 jungler :( 4. Sustain will be atrocious for a lot of junglers when they cant be level 2 for their 2nd camp or level 3 for their 4th camp. Likely push tank junglers out even more 5. Graves, xin, ww will become even stronger with their sustain and healthy clears 6. Small buff to top side jungle clear who can go blue-gromp-scuttle whereas bottom cannot as easily go red-raptors-scuttle. Raptors at level 1 is suicide for most junglers except Olaf. Scuttle giving as much exp as a buff camp while giving sustain should be hotly contested on first clear 7. Also due to scuttle being such a high priority, early duelist junglers will reign supreme, again pushing out utility & tank junglers 8. Raptor start may be a thing again since it gives 56+50+19*6 = 220 exp, enough for level 2 i think?
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