League's bitter sweet ranked system

I have played this game for years and this is a feeling I have been getting for years now and it really sucks. I always start off every season spamming ranked games trying to rank up. At the same time I hate the reset because games feel chaotic and I always lose a lot. It's partially from me not learning new meta quickly, and just not sticking with same role/champions. But I really truly do hate the new ranked season experience every year. So at some point I usually stop playing and wait until like may/june when ranked games are a little less chaotic. At some point I rank back up to where I was prior season and then either sit there idle or try and rank up. This season I decided to finally push for the next tier (plat) and reached it. But after reaching plat I just stopped playing ranked again. It sucks because I feel like the best way to continue to improve is to continue to push your own limits and play verse higher ranked players. And my ranked games have actually been fun. But it's like after you reach that new achievement I lose a lot of motivation to push forward. And now it's bitter sweet because of the inevitable that happens every season. Soon well... still a few months but not that long now season will end and ranks will reset. And my climb will start all over. And even though people theoretically have same prior season mmr as me the matches never start the same. Its always 1 sided weird ass games where a combination of players meet. From players who quit for months on end and are starting up.... to trolls, to people just trying new and different starts. GAmes just feel terrible to play. And I feel like I once again need to wait months to just to play ranked. And then when I finally get to a good point of ranked I stop playing because I get sick of climbing lol. Cycle continues every season. But I just have no desire to play right now since I am playing classic WoW. Worlds will bring me back but I don't see myself spamming ranked much again this season. So there goes an opportunity to push forward and try to improve in a new tier for me. Literally every season like 75 +% of my experience is replaying through the same ranks I have before and then finally reaching "new" levels only to be burned out or bored and to stop lol. Idk.... not sure if others feel the same way just noticed this is what happens to me pretty much every season. On one hand I like that seasons are super long. But on the other it kind of causes a lot of burn out. I hope riot sticks with current format.... just wish I would actually keep playing ranked when finally have a chance to improve and contentiously play better players than I usually do.

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