Riot has killed Scaling champs with Super Damage..

With the insane damage creep happening in this game.. Riot has effectively killed end-game scaling champions.. Most of my played games have one team already assaulting base turrets by the time they are level 10-12, This has effectively killed any late game scaling champions from being effective.. Half of my jungle roster is useless either play an early ganking champion, or your forced to just farm and try to steal a dragon here and there..because if you even try to gank or counter-gank.. you put yourself behind even further. This also makes your solo laners your most important asset in the game.. as they will be the only players with enough exp and money to do anything in that(what used to be) mid - game stage..which has turned into the new end game. This is also why tank supports are garbage...they will be 2-3 levels lower then the damage dealers, and 1/4 the money income.. So in conclusion.. the damage creep is killing 2/3rds of your game.. I do not know how much longer I can keep spending my time on money on this game.. when the devs have obviously lost control of their own game.. I am not here to flame and cuss at RIOT like many people on the forums do... Just simply asking(begging) for the devs to take a long hard look at what they want this game to be..and if you want to keep your insane damage creep... then you need to do a balance pass on like 75% OF YOUR CHAMPIONS.. because you are killing their viability..
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