Yuumi is still a problem

Being able to freely and safely heal/shield/buff/CC/poke is cancerous. even if she did litterally zero damage the rest of her kit puts her over the edge. several suggestions: * she NEEDS to atleast take a % of damage that her host takes in order to force her off and have her take risks. * her W needs a LONG CD when switching targets. * her heal needs MASSIVE nerfing * She can only stay attached to a target for xx seconds before being forced off and having to wait to get back on * She can only used her ult while off of her host. * hard CC should knock her off target. yuumi's problem was never her damage. it has always been the fact that she cant be targeted by anything and therefore has ZERO risks... She cant be poked, she cant be killed, she cant be CCed, you can NOT stop her from using her abilities. Its like the champion exists without existing and its actually stupid.

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