If games are going to remain snowbally like this, can we make Baron spawn at 25 minutes?

I'm so tired of people fighting over the rift herald right before it de-spawns, then the winner of the teamfight just grabbing baron and ending the game. There's no coming back from it and it's a sickening gameplay pattern. EDIT: I should clarify a bit further I suppose just from reading the replies. Pushing+baron minions are extremely hard to deal with at the 20 minute mark, and more often than not 20 minute barons are taken due to fights over the rift herald. The losing team in this situation gets **NO** breathing room whatsoever due to how snowbally everything is. Even something as small as a 5 minute window after the herald is gone to have a fighting chance before being steamrolled by baron minions could really help I feel. **Two pushing tools this powerful should not be available in such close proximity to one another if the meta is going to remain this way.**
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