Can we make assassins AFRAID of tanks again?

I thought the original design that Assassins could not successfully attack and destroy tanks in League. However this simply is not the case anymore. Sure its harder, but with all the new damage items and damage creep in the game, an assassin can easily 1v1 and kill a tank. This is really disturbing to watch and really highlights the problems with the game at the moment. Tanks are supposed to be countered by sustained damage like ADC's (less said about {{champion:67}}, swatter of squishies and tanks alike, the better) but it seems now that assassins are not even afraid of tanks anymore. {{champion:238}}, {{champion:105}} and {{champion:245}} can capitalise on a tank's lack of damage and just burst them down like they were a normal squishy. I want to go back to a season where League was actually about THINKING how to engage your opponent correctly, thinking about their strengths and weaknesses and not the reaction "fighting-game" style "beat-em-up", its become recently. League should not be a reaction test, it should be about balanced, strategic picks and objective control.
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