I got dc-ed from a game but my internet was working fine

Today i decided to return to my ranked games instead of norms and boy was that a mistake as soon as i started the game at lvl 3 i was zac as the jg i got dc-ed i was surprised but at first thought it was my connection went to check it asap everything was fine i could use my browser well and everything was working fine exept league so i tried dc-ing and reconnecting didnt work then i switched the client off and back on it logged me in the game but when i hit lvl 6 i got the same issue eventulally i restarted my laptop and when i got back on the game ended in 5 secs surprisingly my team won i still lost the lp and my time so my question is has anyone recieved the same issues if so how can i fix it if it were to ever happen again thanks! TLDR:my connection is fine league is dc-ed how can i fix it.
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