I think we need more mechanics like the xayah/raklan buffs.

You know how rakan gets attack speed when xayah uses W near him, and gets more range on his E? I think there should be more of these effects, BUT less impactful than the xayah rakan ones which make them a bit overbearing. Here are some examples: * If you're caught by {{champion:51}}'s trap, {{champion:254}}'s next attack on you deals 10-100 more damage. * If you get hit by {{champion:4}}'s gold card or {{champion:104}}'s smoke bomb thingy, the other champion gains 10% increased move speed towards you. * Getting hit by {{champion:98}}'s taunt gives {{champion:85}} a stack of his passive, and proccing {{champion:85}}'s passive decreases shen's passive cd by 2s or something. I think these will make the connection between lore and gameplay much better. And while you may argue that it makes for more weird, hidden info in the game, I think that can be fixed by putting that information in the effects bar above the ability HUD.
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