Vayne's pick rate to win rate is nausea inducing.

27.81% pick rate with a 51% winrate makes me want to vomit when it comes to Vayne. This is supposedly a high skill cap champ vs Yasuo who (Alot of us love to hate on, myself included) Who has a 22% pick rate and is sitting below 50% as he should be, since he is also a high skill cap champ. Something just isn't adding up here and it's driving me absolutely nuts. I can't tell if it's the way she can be Stealthed for an extremely long period of time with her ult, making it extremely difficult to lock her down (ty riot for alot of point and click cc) or if it's guinsoos and having her do 12% of my health as true damage every 2nd shot. Either way seeing her in any game, be it on my team or the enemies makes me fucking disgusted. And don't say ban her because if you do a Kai'sa will come and take her place, and that bitch is just as bad. Like comparing 2 types of cancer, doesn't matter which one you ignore the other is still cancer.
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