Review of Season 8 Issues <-> Possible solutions

Finally Season 8 has come to a end, countless dragons slained, Barons split open of their power, spoils of war being enjoyed. However not all was a fairy tale, in what I believe, it was the most chaotic season, and most of it was due to the changes made to it throughout the year. Some incomplete, others revealing certain flaws in how the game is balanced. This post will be massive, theres a lot of issues that need to be talked about and hopefully fixed. *** ##I will be talking about: **1. Riot Balance Team** **2. Boards new system** **3. Masteries/Runes** **4. Roles Itemization** **5. Classes/Champions** * Including Base Stats **6. Upcoming patchs Red Flags** **7. Ranked and Preseason issues** &gt; **Note: This will be a long post with a lot of information/stats, suggestions, changes and ideas. I will try to be as clear and straightfoward as possible to minimize the size of the post as much I can, however if you have no interest in certain sections, nor have the time to read it fully at the moment, you will be able to scroll down since everything will be numbered and depending on each point (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) indicating what each section is mainly about.** *** |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**1.Riot Balance Team** |:---:|:---:|:---:| I want to make this plain and simple that this is not a attack to the work you all do everyday, I do understand that keeping the game perfectly Balanced is impossible, and with each new champion added its always a challenge to keep everything running smoothly, however I think I speak for the majority of the playbase that the image of you, all as a Team is negative. And I want to hopefully help or at least suggest some ways to improve this, because as someone who actually knows the challenges of being a developer, even if in a smaller scale compared to all of you, but still with a burning passion for all that involves creating something new, from writing, to concepts art, desgins and modeling, testing and tweaking, I want you to succeed, I want LoL to succeed. One of the points that confuse people, are the reasons why some champions/items are buffed or nerf: * The first point I would like to mention is the fact that a champion **being meta** doesnt mean the champion is overpowered or too strong, the same way that a champion being **not meta** doesnt mean the champion is weak or is in need of buffs. As such, we should not force already strong champions that are **not meta** into the meta with unnecessary buffs. What this will create is a unbalanced and overload of stats that will create unhealthy gameplay in the near future. * This also includes factors like WinRate, PlayRate which by the way must be taken as secondary and not significally relevant data by themselves, unless abnormal numbers are observed. Before we decide to buff or nerf **ANYTHING** at all, we must observe and analyze a group of main factors: * **Counterplay;** * **Skill expression;** * **Healthy stats that are characteristics of the class that the champion/item belongs to (strengths and weaknesses);** These 3 main factors must always have to be respected at all times with every champion, item, ability, passives, base stats, which sadly has not been respected and is the cause of issues (some discovered by players) that I will mention as we delve deeper in this thread. We need to establish strict rules with clear indications with the help of the classes/sub classes classification which by the way, is a helpful tool to know what a champion needs to have and not have. We cant make every champion good at everthing, they need to have clear weaknesses that can be exploited by skill expression and knowledge. * The Second point is the fact it takes **too long** for fixes, and hotfixes to unhealthy and unfair gameplay patterns, like for an example Tank Viktor at the moment, or the Inting Sion strategy that plagued matches these last months. The problem at hand is why it takes **too long** to actually fix these issues when their solution is rather simple. We arent talking about engineering or coding problems, but champion/item/runes stats problems. We often have to wait weeks, and even then, no fixes were shown. * **Fixes need to come out a lot sooner and be more reactive, or else people will just exploit and abuse these periods of time where items/champions/runes are just too strong, making the game a torture to play in. There is **NO** excuse for issues that can be solved by just adjusting stat numbers, to not be applied fast. ** *** |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**2.Boards new system** |:---:|:---:|:---:| * Excluding the ones towards Pro Play, most of the recent buffs/nerfs and the direction of the game seem rather incoherent, flawed and a miscommunication when getting feedback from the commnuity. * The first problem is the fact that the boards seem to lack attention from the devs compared to Reddit for an example, and this includes PBE posts too, which seem mostly desert without much discussion happening at all. I am aware that PBE population is immensely lower, but it doesnt seem like a very effective feedback platform. **Maybe a new system should be implemented on how threads get popular, giving more power to those who really dedicate time for the boards.**. With the addition of the **removal of the Upvote/Downvote mechanic** and implementing a **vote system** **(The more votes, the more visibility the posts gets, and more likely hitting the front page, however, each person can give a different amount of votes, depending of certain factors, like their rank, the amount of threads created by themselves, and the amount of votes those threads created by them gathered in that specific board section, comments in a thread can also be voted on. In PBE for an example, if a thread hits a X Voting score, it gets automatically sent to a Dev directly, thus creating a effective and fast feedback process.)** * This also gives a certain aspect of progression and reward to those who spend more time on the Boards and are active in the community, letting others easily identify important threads(circlejerk would be erased from this as the dwonvote mechanic is removed), it allows active feedback users to be more relevant, and promoting better and faster feedback in all sections of the boards that are game related, art, lore and support. &gt; **Clarity Note: I suggest the Riot members responsible for the Boards and the Devs take a look at Amplitude Studios Games2Gether Voting system, I think its a good example of a good system for feedback from the community , which gives voice to those who really want the game to improve, giving constructive feedback and giving the commnuity a more active role in terms of how the game is shaped and grows. ** &gt; **P.S: My Thread was deleted from Gameplay+ due to the fact that it is &quot;too big&quot;. Yes my post is big, but its only because I have put time of my life, a lot of thought, asking people and researching possible solutions and highlightning what needs to change. I did all of this because I care and I want to see what others think of it. I did not see any indication in the strict rules, that the threads **Must** be in a &quot;tight scope&quot; and that **&quot;...the G+ boards are not prepared to handle this discussions.&quot;** . The Truth is, theres a lot of stuff wrong, that needs to be discussed, and if I can talk about it under 1 thread, isnt that better than spamming the whole board section with all of these points that we are discussing right here? I even took time to learn the format and structure this Thread to be clear and straightfoward as possible to everyone who reads it. I honestly cant understand your reasoning and the goal of Gameplay+ if it isnt ready to talk about serious issues. *** |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**3.Masteries/Runes** |:---:|:---:|:---:| Now Lets talk about real League of Legends, starting with Runes that need adjustments and others that need to be implemented and changed. * #Precision * **Conqueror:** Conqueror existence was basically to give toplaners/Bruisers a way to deal with tanks in the lane and out of it, thus giving them a more powerful way to impact games and their own lane and not seem like cheap meat shields for their backline. It was a good addition but sadly implemented poorly or with little factor the power of its stats. At the moment Conqueror is the most powerful Keystone in the game, and even more powerful than IE due to the fact it converts 20% of your damage to **True Damage** the strongest damage stat in the game. * **How Conqueror works:** Entering combat generates one stack every second for the next 3 seconds. After reaching 4 stacks, your next basic attack against an enemy champion consumes all stacks to grant 6 &minus; 35 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage for 3 seconds and converts 20% of your damage to champions to true damage for the duration; * Conqueror can be charged or stacked by entering combat with any target (minions, monsters, and champions) but will only give the bonus AD and true damage conversion after attacking an enemy champion; * Melee champions refresh the bonus damage duration by triggering combat effects against enemy champions and only need to basic attack twice to get its effects; The amount of power Conqueror gives from level 1 to level 18 is insanely overpowered, and creates issues of unhealthy gameplay patterns for certain champions like: {{champion:122}},{{champion:39}}, {{champion:114}},{{champion:24}},{{champion:240}},{{champion:11}},{{champion:58}},{{champion:92}},{{champion:23}},{{champion:157}}. All of these champions already have a certain type of steroid that amplifies their damage in one way or another, with the addition of **20% True Damage** it becomes close to impossible to duel them unless you have the same rune or you are playing a poke toplaner: {{champion:41}},{{champion:74}};{{champion:85}};{{champion:80}};{{champion:133}},{{champion:150}} And all of this creates a problem and I ask you all why should a champion get access to **20% True Damage** without a way to counter them or at least make them earn it, instead of getting it straight up from level 1. With this I propose a change to Conqueror which should stop the early dominance of bruisers and the overwhelming power of Conqueror in early and mid game mainly. **Possible solution:** * Make the True Damage scale with the champion level: **From Level 1 to Level 5: 5% True Damage &gt;&gt; Level 6 to Level 10: 9% True Damage &gt;&gt; Level 11 to Level 15: 14% True Damage &gt;&gt; Level 16 to Level 18: 20% True Damage;** These changes would stop the massive snowball that champions that use this keystone can have, yet still be significantly strong in the mid, and reach its full potential on the late game; *** * #Domination * **Keystones:** After nerfs and adjustments the keystones seem in a fair place. * **Lower runes:** * Remove the extra damage given by **Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro**: As a midlaner, jungler or support, warding is important. Controlling the map and the enemy movements is one ingredient for a victorious battle or grabbing a uncontested objective. Pouring more damage stats only removes the choice for players and adds more unnecessary damage additions to already heavy burst champions. * Remove 1% of healing per stack &gt;&gt; **1,5% + 1,5% per Bounty Hunter Stack on Ravenous Hunter rune;** This will stop Ravenous Hunter from being a must in every situation and stop the massive healing stack with Hextech Gunblade; *** * #Sorcery * **Keystones:** **Reintroduce Deathfire Touch as a keystone;** * **Aery:** Increase the Shield: **35 - 80 to 35 - 100 based on level**; Lower the ad ratio on the Shield from **0.4 to 0.25**; * **Lower Runes:** * Remove **Scorch**; * **Rework:** Water Walking: Gain 28 movement speed and restore 1% of your missing mana each second when in one river where your team has Sctuller control; &gt; **Explanation:** Deathfire Touch should not have been removed or just downgraded poorly into a lower rune. Deathfire Touch came with a **strength which was the fact it was reliable and strong in the late game, however really weak in the early and mid game**. It was balanced and fair, and gave champions, mostly mages that like to harass and poke to have a **reliable way** to be the late game monsters that they should be! **Arcane Comet lacks reliability and the impact** DeathFire Touch gave, thus ever since its removal, a flaw in the Sorcery tree remained, too big for Scorch to ever hope to solve. Since we cant have 2 runes applying the same effects, Scorch needs to be removed and a new more creative lower rune must be experimented and added before the new season begins. Water Walking with this suggestion of rework will be more valuable to midlaners who like to roam and thus taking advantage of their own jungler control on the river. They can use it to rapidly go from one lane to another while restoring some of the mana they lost in their own lane. *** * #Resolve * **Keystones:** Grasp of the Undying: Ranged champions damage, healing, and permanent health gained reduced by 50% from 40% * **Lower Runes:** * **Shield Bash(Reworked):** While shielded, **gain 10 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance**. Whenever you gain a shield, your next basic attack against a champion will **increase your allies damage to that target by 5% for 3 seconds**. The empowered attack lasts up to 2 seconds after the shield expires. Cooldown: 15 seconds; * **Demolish (Small nerf on its base):** ...Your next attack versus a structure over 3 seconds deals 50 (+ 30% of your maximum health) bonus physical damage, instead of 100 in the base stat at the moment; * **Unflinching (Reworked):**After casting a Summoner Spell, **gain 40% Slow Resistance for 5 seconds**. **Additionally, gain 20% Tenacity and a extra 20% Slow Resistance for the next 3 seconds if you land a impairing movement ability in the 3 seconds** after casting the Summoner Spell. These attributes cannot be stacked by using both of your Summoner Spells in the same period of time. &gt; **Explanation:** The Resolve Tree is all about **Durability and Crowd Control**, thus it makes no sense to add to its runes any sort of damage. With this suggestion to Shield Bash, it will no longer be used and abused by champions who can spam shields and win trades with it, but give options for more team play. Unflinching with this rework suggestion will **fit nicely to tanks who like to initiate**, giving them ways to disrupt the lines of the enemies more consistently. Grasp of the Undying is becoming more popular on ranged champions than melee, due to being easier to proc it and spam it, thus this should lower its effectiveness on ranged champions. *** * #Inspiration * **Keystones:** Kleptomancy removed as a keystone; **;Experimental;** New Keystone: Nexus Vanguard: By Harvesting the power of the ancient crystals in the Towers and Inhibitors, special spells can be casted, however with a great cost. This Keystone unlocks the ability to obtain special spells from the Shop, secretly crafted and perfected by the High Council of Er&#039;Anor. Only one usage can be used at a time for Towers, and on one Inhibitor with a **380 seconds cooldown**; * **Lower Runes:** Future&#039;s Market removed; * Kleptomancy added in its place with new conditions: Healing or shielding a ally or hitting a impairing movement ability on a enemy grants you 15 gold and a chance to also drop pilfered stealth wards, pilfered health potions and a sly sack of gold. Overhealing and overshielding will not give any rewards or gold **(Sly Sack of Gold contains 30-80 gold and if sold, gives 50 gold &lt;&lt;&lt; from 40 - 110 and 65 if sold)**; Cooldown: 25 seconds &gt; **Explanation:**The removal of Kleptomancy is simple: Its a keystone that is only used to abuse the gold from it, and involves no counterplay or fairness when playing against it at the moment. This rework will make it a lot more suitable for supports, plus the decrease of the gold given by the sly sack of gold makes it a plausible amount of gold and not abused. **The New Keystone:** Towers and Inhibitors often feel not interactive at all, thus it would be interesting to have a way to use them somehow. Maybe being able to add temporary special effects on towers starting from level 1, and after, unlocking special effects to inhibitors at level 11. The special effects would scale with your level, and offer small bonuses, like for an example a locket shield to allies under a tower, a tower attack speed buff, or maybe a Fortification buff to the tower, etc... On the other hand, the inhibitor effects would focus on empowering minions and manipulating the minion wave, however, if you empower one wave, the one after will be weaker and overrun by the enemy minions, so thought must be put into when to use it. All of this is a idea, so feel free to give your feedback and suggestions. *** |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**4.Roles Itemization** |:---:|:---:|:---:| * #Toplane * **Current state: Balanced, with a spice of dullness and a culprit**. At the moment toplane itemization for both tanks, bruisers and fighters are pretty straightfoward, though the new Fighter items seem interesting, and can only comment on them whenever they are once again on the PBE for testing, it would also be interesting to see more Team interactive tank items like Righteous Glory. * **Possible changes:** * **Iceborn Gauntlet:** Is one of the reasons why Tank Viktor, Tank Fizz, and tanks feel like they do so much damage. The Sheen, despite not offering a high amount of damage, makes up with its spam, thus in a long fight, being superior while giving tankyness. * **Solution:** After using a impairing movement ability, your next basic attack will create a **True Ice shield of 6% max health of the target for 3 seconds**, if the shield is broken in that period of time, a icy zone is created surrounding the target, **slowing the target for 30% and decreasing its armor for 5-20% for 3.5 seconds**. Both the radius of the icy zone and the armor decrease scales with the amount of **bonus armor** that you have. The True Ice Shield **cannot be stacked by any other shield and will always take priority over any other shields**. The True Ice Shield can be destroyed by allies and apply its effects on the target. Cooldown: 12 seconds * **Thornmail (Small buff):** Upon being hit by a basic attack, **reflects 25 (+ 20% bonus armor) magic damage**, while also inflicting Grievous Wounds **Grievous Wounds on the attacker for 1.5 seconds**; *** * #Midlane * **Current state: Unbalanced with a lack of distinction between Burst Mages, Battle Mages and Artillery Mages in the itemization that exists. To make it worse Assassins have their itemization a lot more cheaper with a bigger snowball threat.** I have a lot of complains about how the Assassins and Mage itemizations were done, the reasons behind it and why has it never been changed before. * **Why unbalanced?** AD Assassins start out with a {{item:1036}}, needing only 750 gold for {{item:3134}} and then needing only 1800 gold for {{item:3142}} or {{item:3147}}, where the first gives 18 lethality and the other 21 lethality, being the 21 one, ridiculously high. In short they need 2450 gold to purchase their first item. While for an example a mage needs 3200 gold to purchase {{item:3285}}. This allows Assassins to have their power spike very early and transform that into kills which is fairly easy against Mages due to their squishiness, or roam before anyone else can; * **Lack of Distinction between classes of Mages:** Burst Mages build Ludens, just as Artilerry mages do. Why? Why isnt there a distinctive pathway of items for both classes? Riot reasoning in patch 8.4 was this: &gt; **&quot;Mage itemization follows a pretty simple decision tree. If you need mana, get the only mana/cdr item (Morellonomicon). After that, buy the best general damage items (Void Staff and Liandry&#039;s). We want to give mages more options, so we&#039;re creating new mage items (and reshaping old ones) to provide more unique and focused outputs and let mages adapt their itemization to game states, matchups, and personal style.&quot;** The truth however is that **Ludens is the new old Morellonomicon**, and people build the same items in the same order as before. To make it worse Ludens is a lot more expensive than old Morellonomicon, and **Lost Chapter** the item that allowed mages to wave clear, price was also **increased to the point its not obtainable after the first back, creating a awkward sensation of no progress**. However the passive and the amount of burst damage Ludens offers, helped Burst Mages and Battle Mages to be....You guessed it, more bursty; There must be a distinct and diverse pathway from Burst mages, to Artillery Mages since thats where the lack of itemization is more noticeable, starting from the first item, and only allowing Zhonyas, Morellonomicon and Rabbadons as a common item in both build trees; *** * #Jungler * **Current state: Uncreative and dull, giving the sensation of junglers little impact and interaction with their personal items.** Each jungler chooses the type of Smite they want. At the moment theres Cinderhulk, Warrior, Bloodrazor and Runic Echoes. Cinderhulk and Runic Echoes are complete copy pastes of Sunfire Cape and Ludens. Warrior is a just stat giver, and Bloodrazor is the only one that tries to give something new but falls too short. This needs to change. Junglers Smite should express the type of gamestyle they are going for, but in a **unique and interactive way**, and not by just the stats these items give. The Skirmish Challenging passive and Stalker Chilling passive that the Smites give when they smite a enemy must be removed, and instead create more options for junglers with **unique ways** to approach fights, contest objectives, control the map, and have a more **specialized role**. * I suggest removing the requisite of gold to upgrade The Smite itemization, and instead make it possible with the amount of **jungler monsters you have killed and takedowns**, being Dragons, Herald, Baron and Elder dragons give a bigger amount and the last 2 the ability for the Jungler to choose a Tier 4 upgrade with it. However the Smite itemization will be focused on granting **unique abilities/Actives that can also be used on allies, enemies, themselves, their jungle camps or even neutral objectives such as Dragons, Barons, etc..**, and will no longer give any more extra/overloaded stats, other than a few basic/low stats. Despite that, junglers will have a lot more gold to spend on other items, thus getting the normal items faster than they can currently do. **&lt;-&gt; This is only a suggestion, and more than the thought of its implementation, I want it to be discussed by all Jungler mains and non jungler mains in what they think and what they want for the future.** *** * #ADC * **Current state: Ever since the Marskmen rework and all of the adjustments made, their itemization is on a good and fair spot, though I would love to see the addition of a few more items along the way in the future**. However the Community needs to realize that Marskmen are not supposed to be good in early game, and that the **mid to late** is where they shine. The Average game length right now is too fast for Marksmen to have a chance to shine, simply because Top and Mid laners have become snowbally with Conqueror and Burst Mages, Assassins and even Karthus dominating. With the right tweaks, and fair balancing, **we will have once again at average, 30 minute games where Marskmen will have reached their optimal level of power minutes earlier, thus having more impact once again**. No buffs are required. However the issue I could think is the BoTRK and Black Cleaver Lucian build goes agaisnt the squishiness of adcs, and Black Cleaver should become only used by 375 and lower attack range champions. *** * #Support * **Current state: At the moment Support is the role with the least options for itemization and theres not a lot of diversity in it, plus theres still issues at how the warding is implemented.** * **Possible Solutions and changes:** Unique Passive - Extra Pocket: Upgrading your **Relic Shield, Spellthief or Ancient Coin to its tier 2**, automatically grants you a **new inventory trinket slot restricted only to Control Wards**. Once you reach **level 11 and have the tier 3 upgrade of one of the previously mentioned items completed, you can now carry 3 control wards at the same time, and have 2 of them placed and active in the map at the same time**; * More support itemization that both offers **unique supportive actives, protective ones and also enemy weakning ones** such as slows, damage reductions, attack speed reductions, health/resistances reductions etc...Some of these items **Restricted only to Supports depending on the Tier of their upgraded Support item at the moment**. &gt; **No excuse possible from Riot, to make Supports not get their inventory full with items, just because they have to save up a slot to be able to put control wards on the map. Should have been implemented years ago with the Pink Wards. Supports shouldnt be penalized and handicapped by doing a important and the right mechanic, that is warding.** *** |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**5. Classes/Champions** |:---:|:---:|:---:| Its time to talk about champions and their classes and respective sub classes. These were added 3 years ago (feeling old yet?), if you want to re read it, heres the post with all of the champions classes and sub classes that they belong to: Even though Riot did mention, and I quote: &gt; **&quot;Most champions also don&rsquo;t fit perfectly into any specific Subclass - We&rsquo;ll repeat: the class / subclass structure is more a set of guidelines than rigid rules. Sharing our vocabulary here just means we can have better conversations about the state of the game at any given time. If your champion is in a Subclass you don&rsquo;t agree with, let&rsquo;s have that discussion.&quot;** Despite all of this Champions should have distinctions in their base stats, their ratios, the limit of their abilities and their goal in-game. Depending on their class/sub class, a certain amount of strict rules do have to exist, or else certain behaviours or play patterns that are unhealthy and unfair can show up. Theres been a recent effort into making every champion good at everything they need to do, to try and be more inclusive in the amount of champions that are meta at a given time originated by item buffs and champion base stats buffs. This makes it so the champions that were already in a good spot, exploit this buffs to overwhelmingly reach supremacy, which by cause and effect they overshadow other champions to the brink of being unplayable. In Season 8 we were all complaining that the damage was too high. And its true, from tanks, to bruisers, marksmen to poke supports, Assassins to Burst Mages. Ignite received a huge buff and so did lethality. Conqueror was implemented and Ludens Echo along with the rather unnecessary and catastrophic Mage changes that occurred in the Mid Season which only favoured Battle Mages, Burst Mages and Assassins even more. Damage was too high, but we never asked why? Why are tanks doing this damage, why are we buffing Ignite, Why are we giving bruisers a 20% true damage buff at level 1, why is Luden a first item bomb for Burst mages and ap assassins, and the lethality buff on already a cheap and snowbally itemization tree? Rules need to exist. Limits must exist. And most importantly, 3 main factors **MUST** be in place at all times: * **Counterplay;** * **Skill expression;** * **Healthy stats that are characteristics of the class that the champion/item belongs to (strengths and weaknesses);** * If we overbuff a champion or a stat, we risk lowering the amount of counterplay that exists creating less skill expression. Putting it in short Season 8 was a cocktail of buffs which created a unpleasant Storm to play on. Despite that, I leave here more suggestions to the ones I already added to hopefully actually bring back some balance to the state of the game in terms of items and champions base stats (Some champions have hidden stats, so I tried my best to muster as much valuable data as I could from the Practice Tool and the Wiki page of each champion, and their stats). These are only a fraction of possible changes however: * **Either increase the price of lethality items ({{item:3147}},{{item:3142}}) by 450 gold or decrease the price of Lost Chapter by 350;** * **Lower the Lethality value of {{item:3147}} by 6, {{item:3142}}, {{item:3814}} by 3, and {{item:3020}} magic penetration by 5;** * **Either remove the healing of {{item:3146}} or lower it to 5%; AP Assassins, Burst Mages, Battle Mages are not supposed to sustain themselves in lane this massively as right now, especially with Ravenous Hunter stacking with it too** * **Remove {{item:3057}} from Iceborn;** * **Reevaluate the base stats and ratios of Assassins, Burst Mages and Battle Mages and make it harder and more risky for kills to happen without ults (Increase Ultimates power in certain cases if needed).** * **Also remove all CDR from {{item:3147}},{{item:3142}};** * **Makes no sense of Assassins and Burst Mages having low cooldowns on their ultimate abilities from mid to late (Level 2 and 3 ult), reaching at times 24 seconds ults with 40% CDR which is abundant in the itemization, and Im not even putting **Ultimate Hunter** into play in those calculations;** * **Possible Changes:** * {{champion:91}}: * W first contact damage lowered by 15 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 45 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 * W return damage ad ratio increased to 0.65 from 0.6; * R cooldown increased by 20 seconds for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 120 / 100 / 80 * {{champion:238}}: * E damage lowered by 20 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 * R level 2 cooldown increased by 10 seconds|R level 3 cooldown increased by 20 seconds; &gt;&gt;&gt; 120 / 100 / 80 * {{champion:105}}: * R cooldown increased by 20 seconds for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 120 / 105 / 90 * W Bonus on Hit Damage for not killing a target, removed; * {{champion:7}}: * Passive cooldown increased to 80 seconds from 60; * Q damage reduced by 15 for each level (Total Damage from mark detonation untouched); &gt;&gt;&gt; 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 * W can only be recasted after 0.8 seconds pass from 0.2; * W cooldown increased by 2 seconds for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 * W return pad duration lowered to 3.2 seconds from 4; * E tether target range reduced to 650 from 865| E tether radius reduced to 750 from 925; * R cooldown increased by 30 seconds for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 90 / 75 / 60 * {{champion:30}}: * Karthus R ability power reduced by 50 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 200 / 350 / 500 * Karthus R bonus ability power ratio increased to 0.80 from 0.75; * **Rework the Mage itemization which at the moment needs to have distinctions between burst and consistent poke. Removing {{item:3285}} as a first item choice and not allowing AP Assassins and some Burst Mages the access to CDR (Or just increase the cooldown of each champion abilities, to make it so they arent as spammable as of now), and mana as easily as now;** * **Increase {{item:3151}} burn against movement impaired targets to 7% from 2.5%;** * **Revert {{champion:3}} ult and Q ability power ratio and base stats of patch 8.24;** * **Increase some mages ({{champion:101}},{{champion:161}},{{champion:115}},{{champion:268}},{{champion:90}}) initial mana by 100, increase their mana regen by 0.6 per level, and their mana growth to 50. They are supposed to spam spells and not be worried about their mana. Being Xerath the high priority due to its insanely mana costs on his spells (spending near 40% of his max mana with just using 2 spells to wave clear properly. In this small list you can see the lack of coherence and logic behind these stats:** * {{champion:91}} mana progression: 377.2 &ndash; 1006.2 compared to {{champion:101}} 459 &ndash; 833 * {{champion:7}} mana progression: 334 &ndash; 1184 compared to {{champion:90}} 375 &ndash; 842.5 * {{champion:69}} mana progression: 418 &ndash; 953.5 compared to {{champion:268}} 438 &ndash; 795 Their mana regen is pratically the same so theres not even a distinction there either. * **Funneling has no place in League, thus it must be solved once and for all;** * **Lower, Tanks, Juggernauts and bruisers damage base stats, evalutating each case. This changes would nerf the early game power and late game if the damage seems too bursty;** * **Renekton, Darius, Sion and Mundo being the priority ones;** * {{champion:58}}: * Reduce enhanced E Armor penetration of each level by 7%; &gt;&gt;&gt; 18 / 20.5 / 23 / 25.5 / 28% * Reduce enhanced W stun duration by 0.25; &gt;&gt;&gt; 1.25 seconds * Reduce enhanced W ratio from 2.25 AD to 1.25 AD; * {{champion:122}}: * Revert 8.19 patch buffs; * {{champion:36}}: * Reduce E active minimum bonus AD by 10 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 * Reduce E active maximum bonus AD by 20 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 * Change E health cost to 5% of max health; * {{champion:14}}: * Reduce E damage of each level by 10; &gt;&gt;&gt; 55 / 90 / 125 / 160 / 195 * Lower the damage Sion Passive does to towers by 50%; * {{champion:111}} **Nautilus small adjustment which hopefully bring him back into a playable state:** * **Passive(Rework) Staggering Sink:** Nautilus first basic attack will root his target for **0.5 seconds**, attacking a second time will root the target for **0.75 seconds** and attacking a third time will root for **1 second**. The 3 roots **Can** stack on the same target or apply to different targets. The **first root** will do 20 bonus physical damage, the **second** 35 and the **third** 50. Each Root has a 2 seconds duration to proc, failing to proc the first will consequently not proc the next ones. The Roots and damage will work on jungle monsters and minions, reducing the passive cooldown by 10% with each root. * Passive cooldown increased to 12 seconds; * Nautilus attack speed growth per level reduced by 50%; * Nautilus Q damage reduced by 20 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 * Nautilus W mana cost lowered from 80 to 60; * Nautilus W Shield strength base stat increased by 15 for each level and max health ratio increased by 1.5% for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 75 / 85 / 95 / 105 / 115 (+ 10.5 / 11.5 / 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5% maximum health) * Nautilus E Damage Per Wave lowered by 15 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 45 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 * Nautilus E Slow increased by 5% for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55% * Nautilus R target damage reduced by 50 for each level (Secondary damage follows the same logic); &gt;&gt;&gt; 150 / 250 / 400 * Nautilus Level 2 R stun duration reduced by 0.25 seconds| Level 3 R Stun duration reduced by 0.50 seconds; &gt;&gt;&gt; 1.25 / 1.50 &gt; **Explanation:** Usually tanks are just ult bots. Nautilus has been struggling a lot and players have no choice but to rely on his Ult for teamfights and his Riptide to survive in lane and farm. These changes that I suggest should allow Nautilus players to act more as a **Initiator and a Disruptor** in teamfights, being able to **spread their CC** in other ways other than their ult while still having the option to focus on only one target. His Increased tankyness on his Shield and the increased slow will make him a lot more reliable in doing these tasks, and also help him survive in lane. However his damage stats were decreased to lower his burst and cease the Riptide spam which was frustrating to play against. The new passive and the buffed W should help Jungle Nautilus players to clear the jungle fairly well too. Feel free to tell me what you think about it! * ** {{item:3508}} Basic Attacks refund 5% of your missing mana &gt;&gt;&gt; from 1%;** * Attack damage lowered from 75 to 65; * Mana lowered from 300 to 200; * **Unique Passive (Essence Harvesting): Each time you dash or hit a enemy with a imparing-movement ability you gain Essence Flare. * ** Essence Flare: Gain 25% attack speed and each basic attack in the next 6 seconds that hits a enemy champion will Syphon 20 mana from their mana pool, your last basic attack will unleash the amount syphoned + 5% of your maximum mana as physical damage** * **Essence Flare cooldown increased to 40 seconds from 30; * **Price reduction from 3000 to 2900; &gt; **Explanation:** Essence Reaver ever since its rework has been either frustrating to deal with in Toplane due to allowing certain champions to just unleash devastating rotations while also lowering their ultimate cooldown and being worthless for ADCs. This change will create a new goal to the item, in the form of **&quot;Syphon the enemy mana to the end and kill them with your ability superiority&quot;**. The Mana it gives along side with the 20% CDR and the mana refund should be optimal to adcs who want to play agressive or excel at initiating fights, and its stats are fairly even with the ones of {{item:3095}}, giving it a healthy competition between the two items. Feel free to give feedback or a new idea to it. * **Poke Toplaners damage must be adressed, these champions should have ways to poke yes, but not as easy or forgiving as of now;** * {{champion:150}}: * Passive Basic attack range bonus at level 1 lowered to 185 from 225; * Passive Basic attack range growth reduced to 2.8 from 6; * E bonus attack speed removed; * E bonus movement speed proc lowered to 25% / 35% /45%; * R Mini Gnar passive rework: Hitting a enemy with Boomerang or Hop makes Gnar gain 20% /40% / 60% bonus attack speed for 3 seconds; W bonus movement speed removed; * {{champion:85}}: * Basic attack range lowered to 500 from 550; * Passive (small adjustment): At three stacks the mark consumes and also gives Kennen 35% bonus attack speed for 4 seconds; * Passive Stun duration reduced to 1 second from 1.25; * E Magic damage reduced by 25 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 55 / 95 / 135 / 175 / 215 * E bonus ability power ratio lowered to 0.3 from 0.8; * E Bonus attack speed removed; * {{champion:17}}: * Q magic damage lowered by 20 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 * Q Blind Duration changed to 1.25 / 1.5 / 2 |Level 1 to 6 - Level 7 to 12 - Level 13 to Level 18; * Q target range lowered to 570 from 680; * {{champion:80}}: * Q physical damage lowered by 30 at level 1| Scaling lowered to 20 from 40; &gt;&gt;&gt; 45 / 85 / 125 / 165 / 205 * Q bonus AD ratio lowered to 0.9 from 1.4; * Q mana cost increased to 55 from 45; * W (Small adjustment): After stunning a target, gain 25% bonus Armor and Magic Resistances for 2 seconds and gain Targorian Might. **Unique Passive: Targorian Might:** The next ability or basic attack that Pantheon does next will Critical Strike (1.5 Seconds duration till it times off); * W cooldown changed to 10 at all levels; * E Certain Death passive removed; * E duration increased to 1 second from 0.75 seconds; * E physical damage reduced by 40 at level 1| Scaling lowered to 20 from 50; &gt;&gt;&gt; 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (Total damage reduction against non-champions removed) * E bonus AD ratio lowered to 1.6 from 3; &gt; **Explanation:** Gnar had a lot of passives giving him stats and stats. I lowered some, and gave **more skill expression** to how he gets some of those. His lower attack range should also make him **more punishable by melee champions**. Kennen E gives him movement speed, armor and magic resistances, restores energy, gives him attack speed and also does damage. **It gives him too much**, thus by moving the attack speed to his passive, lowering the E magic damage, should make it **more used as a agility ability more than a battle ready ability**. Teemo is often used as a direct counter to any melee champion that relies on basic attacks. His poke also is frustating to play against, thus reducing the Q base damage, and its target range should give melee champions with dashes to have a chance to trade with Teemo. The Pantheon changes will allow Q spam to be less frustrating to deal with, and give a way for Pantheon players to use E more frequently, especially when W is used. I know Pantheon is on the list for a Rework, and I do have some ideas for it, but for now this is all. * {{champion:35}}: I will also leave here the suggestion to make Shaco more of a elusive AP assassin, and play more around his boxes. Pink Ward did post this some hours ago if you care to read it: .I agree with him, that oracle alteration should not kill off the boxes and instead only make them visible and allow minions to attack them when visible, the startle effect could be off while the traps are still visible by oracle however, so melee champions still have a way to kill off the boxes, taking some damage if they choose to. However other changes must be made to his kit: * Passive: INNATE: Shaco&#039;s basic attacks and Deceive Critical strike damage reduced to 100% AD from 130%; * Passive On Target cooldown increased to 5 seconds from 3; * Q bonus physical damage after exiting invisibility removed however it will **reset** Backstab cooldown and apply INNATE effects in the same conditions; * W cooldown increased by 2 seconds; &gt;&gt;&gt; 18 * W bonus ability power ratio increased to 0.4 from 0.2; * **E Passive (rework):** Any basic attack or boxes damage while E slow is active on the targets, will decrease the cooldown of W by 1.5 seconds each, stacking (Does not work on Epic Monsters); * E cooldown increased to 10 seconds from 8; * E active ad ratio reduced to 1 from 1.2 * E 0% &minus; 50% (based on target&#039;s missing health) effect, removed; * E bonus ability power ratio reduced to 0.6 from 0.75; * E slow duration increased to 4 seconds from 3; * E slow increased by 5% for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 25 / 27.5 / 30 / 32.5 / 35% * E slow decays after 2.4 seconds; * R bonus ability power ratio lowered to 0.8 from 1; * R bonus ability power lowered by 30 for each level; &gt;&gt;&gt; 170 / 270 / 370 &gt; **Explanation:** This should turn Shaco more as an **&quot;elusive and cunningly&quot; assassin using his &quot;lunatic devices&quot; like the lore describes him**. His one shot goal is now removed from the equation however **still rewarding players that do get the Backstab**. The synergy of E with his W along with the invisibility from his Q should give Shaco players more ways to use their boxes more often, even in fights. At the same time, boxes should be easy to kill when visible, so if needed their durability can be lowered. This will most likely kill full ad shaco, however hybrid shaco is very well still viable. As always, feedback is appreciated. * {{champion:107}}: PASSIVE: Rengar stores 50% of the damage he's taken in the last 1.5 seconds as Grey Health (75% versus monsters). >>> Stores 30%. * {{champion:3}}: Either revert the V8.24 changes or nerf Galio ratios and AP base stats urgently. It erased all his weaknesses and team play, to turn him into a perfect laner with large amount of AoE damage * ** Tank Viktor last resort fix: {{champion:112}} If the rework of iceborn is not enough, lowering the base stats of his shield, and the mana scaling while increasing its ap ratio to compensate it evenly, will surely do it.** * **Once again....More diverse Support itemization, and if needed restrict it to only champions that have the Support warding item fully completed being able to buy them.** * **Ignite needs a 5 damage nerf of each level;** * **A anti Shield mage-ish item working similiar as Liandrys, that only procs with impairing-movement abilities like Stuns, Snares, Roots, Knockups;** * **Quality of life change: {{item:3222}}: Successfully cleansing an effect will also grant the target 40% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds and reduce the duration of any other impairing effect afterwards by 60% in the next 2 seconds. (100 second cooldown);** * **Feel free to add any other suggestions that you feel that need to be implemented, Im only one person and trying to do the maths, testing and thinking of the &quot;What if&quot; so its more than likely that I miss certain things, thats why we as commnuity must discuss and give constructive feedback about the state of the game and the champions. Discussion must happen about all of these topics.** *** |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**6. Upcoming patchs Red Flags** |:---:|:---:|:---:| * {{champion:113}}: * Arctic Assault (Q) damage increased from 60/90/120/150/180 to 80/120/160/200/240 * Permafrost (E): * stun duration lowered from 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 to 1 at all rank * damage increased from 20/35/50/65/80 to 40/80/120/160/200 range lowered from 750 to 560 **The increase of damage of Sejuani Q and E seems too high and just unneeded. She does not need to deal damage as a tank and a initiator.** * {{champion:516}}: * Bellows Breath (W) damage changed from [10% + .5% per level] to [12% + .5% per level] **I rather see a revert of this, Ornn already has the Brittle damage + the damage of the W itself. Pouring more damage to it may seem too much.** * {{item:3050}}: * **Probably the most underrated item, and is on a fair spot at the moment. Any nerf could possibly once again kill this item; Would be nice if there were once again more Support items so we can actually speciliaze each item more.** * Marksmen buffs * **Im keeping a eye out for the changes and test it out to be sure they arent too much. Although some changes like Jinx W do seem like a long needed quality of life improvement which I like. Any more changes to the adc imetization in terms of stats however is a waste of time. Dont fix whats not broken. However a ER rework and perhaps another alternative to StormRazor is welcome.** *** ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||**7. Ranked and Preseason Issues** |:---:|:---:|:---:| Ranked has been getting worse in terms of competitive play and behaviour. Some of it is caused due to the current stage of the game, being too snowbally and ending too fast, leaving little space to comebacks. With the reduction of the early game damage of the game with some of the changes we talked about, it could lower some of that frustration however, there needs to be a more fierce punishment to players in ranked when they just cross the limits. It is not natural to get Instant Feedback Reports every single day since Season 8 started of people just being insanely toxic, intentional feeding/griefing, not caring because they can just &quot;climb up again&quot; or not being punished at all. Wintrading has also been increasing. * **Possible Solution: One of them would be to make someone that is punished to lose LP and maybe even get demoted. This is only towards Toxic behaviour and Intentional Feeding/Griefing reports in **Ranked Games**. A 70 LP Punishment (not causing demotion if you fall to 0 LP, but causing demotion if you are already at 0 LP), as the **first stage**. **Second stage** immediately demoting you 2 divisions (If you fall to a 4th Division at 0 LP, you will be shielded from demotion, but if you do lose the next games, you will drop a Tier). * **Lock away Ranked till you own X amount of champions, and having 2-3 of each role at mastery level 4.** * **Being autofilled does not give you a reason to just intentional feed or make your team lose the game. Pick safer, simple champions and dont be agressive in lane. Ask for tips or if anyone is willing to trade with you on the Champion Select. Enhance your main rolers team mates and help them succeed, or just simply dont make their match harder. With the new Ranked role rank, it should help to minimize these issues. Currently this Preseason was probably the worst preseason I have ever seen in the last 5 years of League of Legends that I took part. Preseason is meant for: * **Introducing new items and testing them;** * **Fix any remaining issues that the previous Season had;** * **Do some reevaluation and overall status of champions and the state of the game;** * **Discussion between the Commnunity and the Developers of what the are the objectives/desires for next Season;** As of today, 22nd of December **NO** new items were added and the new fighter items are too little for a whole year of development (and arent even in Summoners Rift yet), **NOTHING** was adressed about the issues of Season 8, **Barely anything** was fixed and adjusted and it was only fixed because all the streamers kept complaning, and the changes during the patch notes throughout the year once again hardly patched anything. The fact that a 5 movement speed nerf on Irelia was used as a psychological nerf to the players instead of adressing the real issue, was once again brought up, and honestly makes me think that they have no idea what to do to fix things, again. That or you are afraid to make changes. Preseason is meant to testing and discussing yet none of that was made. Im not including bugs here by the way which some have been fixed throughout the year. The way the Balance of the game is made **MUST** change. The way the Communication is made **MUST** change. This laidback/slow reaction about the game **MUST **change. Stop hiding behind WinRates to justify all you do. Because WinRates involve too many factors to be considered vital by themselves. You must look at the bigger picture, you must study your own game, your own champions, items, you must play **A LOT** and not only one role or a handful number of champions. You need to play **ALL OF IT** or at least a large amount of it, every matchup, countless games, low elo, high elo, pro play, talk with the majority of players, dont be afraid to discuss and admit mistakes, we are all humans after all. If you create a good and efficient environment for your community to share feedback, they will also feel more involved and less hopeless/powerless into how the direction of the game is heading, less frustration and anger will result, and more people will come back and enjoy the game once again. Theres so much that we can do, even the smallest good change can cause so more little good changes throughout the game. Just listen....Please. If nothing changes, Season 9 risks being identical to what Season 8 was.... *** With this suggestions I hope we can actually make League of Legends less of a bloodbath without much thought put into it that currently is, and once again let the players express themselves with skill, knowledge and playing fair. Feel free to suggest any new ideas, discuss the topics and please bring constructive feedback. I would actually like if we could raise awareness to Riot about all of this and make Season 9 a actual enjoyable season. Thank you for taking time to read even if just small parts of it! ~Blood and Blade
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