The Pyke problem started earlier than his release

This thread is just about sharing a thought, that what led to release of a really unhealthy champion, which most of you loathe (including me) and that is {{champion:555}} . While he is permaban for me, I wouldn't like to discuss him in this thread, instead I would like to discuss your opinions regarding the current support meta as a whole. So as the title said: this said problem started earlier than his release. How so? It is simple. **The invasion of midlane mages on the support role** That's right, even prior his release, there were "supports", who were extremely problematic: {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:25}} etc.. We liked to pretend that they weren't that bad, but they were. The issue is: they are even more so problematic to balance, because if you balance them around at support role, they become weaker on midlane, if you balance them around midlane, then they become too strong as support. Just remember {{champion:25}} . She is still an unhealthy support and will always be, because her Q is way too forgiving and she can poke with her W. When Riot decided to hit her W, so she could become less oppressive on botlane, then midlane {{champion:25}} mains started crying, that she as midlane shouldn't be killed off. I don't remember exactly what happened to her W nerf since then, but it showed that you can't balance champions around both mid and support. We also should remember, that mages in support role were supposed to be in the "tolerated" category, not the "encouraged" category, because they were supposed to be the inferior choice. {{champion:555}} is just this phenomenon taken to another level: a lot of people desired an assassin support and we have got one, so Riot only fulfilled something everyone desired. It's just another example of the "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it". And we got it. :D **Nerfing ADCs and Enchanters/Supports, letting the mages run amuck** I still remember that a few years ago botlane was 1:1 = ADC:Support, when it came to efficiancy. Then last year (or was it 2 years now? I don't remember exactly) Riot decided to nerf every ADC. While their decrease of damage could have been a good thing, but in reality what really happened is a damage shift from the ADC to the "support mages". ADCs just become a farming supports for the mages, so they can spend their mana on poking and don't need to farm. {{item:3303}} ftw. **{{champion:223}} problem** ... is basically when you want to enforce an unhealthy pick for toplane, but in the process you nerf his intended role to be really situational, but after a while you just nerf that unhealthy pick, and you end up with both roles gutted. In conclusion: {{champion:555}} is just a new level of a problem, which has been a problem for a few years now and everyone ought to reconsider what a support really is, because this can get worse.
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