Riot ruined smurfing in Season 9 and it's killing games for both smurfs and non-smurfs

This is something that nobody seems to bring up, and it's impacting games for everyone. Last season, if you were smurfing on a fresh, unranked, level 30 account and 10-0 your placements, you would automatically be placed Plat 5, as you would be placed correctly according to your MMR. You could even further skip P4 and P2 if you maintained a winstreak. This season, you can 8-0 your provisionals on an unranked smurf account and only get Silver 1. Whether you hate smurfing with a passion or are okay with it, the result is a flood of silver and gold games being filled with smurfs deciding the outcomes, and extremely unfavorable matchmaking on one side. Not only are the platinum / diamond smurfs in these silver / gold games, but D1+ smurfs are also playing at least 15 games in silver / gold because they're not being appropriately placed in P5. Smurfs don't want to be playing 2 divisions below where they usually are placed, and silver and gold players definitely don't want more smurfs stuck in their matchmaking deciding games. Let me know your thoughts.
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