Haven't played since 2012. 2000 World Tokens possible from now until Nov 26th?

I wont go into long details, but due to out of country service and job I have been a non-player since 2012. This game has changed so drastically since then so I've spent the last couple of days just looking over the new UI, all the new runes, gameplay modes, etc. My question is I see that the Worlds are going on right now and there are a lot of items in the shop I would love to pickup. One of them of course being the Riven prestige skin. However its 2000 tokens. I have been doing the missions the game gives me but I only have 480 at the moment and the missions have run out. Where do the remaining 1600 come from? I havent purchased the battle pass. Is it required in order to get enough? Or rather, with the little amount of time remaining is this even feasible? Sorry if these are all 'basic' questions. Still shaking off all the dust in the past 7 years. See you on the fields.
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