Promo games have to be troll on purpose

NOTE: Please do not read this post as if I am trying to prove why I shouldn't be in gold etc etc. or I am a better player and I am salty that I don't want promos. I am not a good player I am still learning, but when games like this happen that are out of my control, there is NOTHING I can do with that. I don't get it. I can win fine up until promos and as soon as I enter promo games, the quality of games decline by 90% IMMEDIATELY. I had to go through gold 2 promos maybe 4-5 times until I could actually win a game in them. I recently just went through promos again and the first game thresh support auto filled and ran it down bot lane about 6 times until he came mid and started leeching XP and running it down once again. 2nd promo game, my jungler dove my mid laner under tower at level 2 and screams "yolo" in the chat and proceeds to come into mid lane and steals XP and continues to run it down being 0/7 by like 10 minutes. Luckily, that game my friend and I were able to hard carry and win the game and get out of these disgusting promo games. Seriously, the algorithm for promo games are designed to give you the most troll players in the game by far. Otherwise, ranked is ranked I haven't an issue otherwise, maybe the 1/20 games I feed or its just such a horrific game, but those are bound to happen. TL;DR please get ride of promos it is absolute garbage
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