Keep pushing for more early game power/utility on Sona

Said it before and i'll say it again. Sona needs more power/utility in the early game. Before commenting about how she's "a late game champion" i would ask that you think of another "late game" champion. Around what level do they start meaningfully effecting the game? Given their role, around what time in the game is this? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? More? I find that Sona usually doesn't start "getting good" till the 20 min mark. Now the simple answer to this would be to just up Sona's base numbers by like double. Let her go back to being the mild lane bully who becomes a mid-late game power house. I think a better idea would be to give her aura buffs, some serious power up. Up the effect range by like 30-60%, stop making Sona have to dance around the battlefield to tag her allies. Make her damage buff last longer and do more. I'm talking a good 3-4 seconds of solid damage buff, instead of her current one and done mechanic. Make the damage buff matter, 10-30 magic damage on your next auto is PATHETIC, even with a full support item build your only giving an ally like +70-90 damage on a single attack (before resistances). Make her speed buff have a negative effect on the enemy. Something like {{champion:69}} grounding effect for 2-3 seconds after they get tagged by an "empowered" attack. It's not hard CC, but it's pretty close and will allow Sona's allies to secure kills much more easily. Also it makes Sona have to use her E, which she is not generally inclined to do in lane. If you give Sona the tools to effect the game through large meaningful buffs, you remove the need for her to have 58-64% CDR. Let's be honest, she wasn't given that insane level of CDR as an intended part of her kit, she was given that passive because her core skill set doesn't scale into the late game.
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