It's frustrating how little room Mordekaiser gives to improve on him

Isn't this the exact type of design we wanted juggernauts to move away from? Have we decided to turn around in that philosophy now? Mordekaiser is so basic and barebones and he doesn't ever give me a feeling like I've gotten better at using him after about 30-40 games since his relaunch. Every juggernaut who's like this has been or is getting changed away from that. There's no *hook* to his gameplay that distinguishes him, and almost all of what little skill growth he has are things we have plenty enough of already - skillshots. His R is even more offensive about it because whether or not you used it correctly completely comes down to "Do I have the numbers to win?" It's really weird that Garen ends up being the best example of this sort of melee-exclusive juggernaut. He has at least respectable skill growth in using Q and W to counter CCs, and it creates just enough variance in him that his basic gameplay loop feels engaging. This VGU feels sorely unfinished right now and I hope Riot comes back to address him soon. It's very telling how he's bled out a lot of mains who haven't really been replaced except by short term FOTM riders.
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