What really irritates me about Yasuo is that he's supposed to be a late game champion.

>**This is a wall of text, TLDR at bottom. Also some banrates.** ---- >AND JUST TO BE CLEAR, THIS IS NOT A "YASUO IS STRONG AND OP" THREAD. IT IS A "HE IS ANNOYING AF TO DEAL WITH REGARDLESS OF HOW BALANCED HE IS" THREAD A late game scaler, a melee marksman who can deal massive damage in a teamfight late. But his early game is fucking godlike. As a mid laner, there are like 3 champs who consistently win lane against him. Zed, Irelia and Riven. How often do you even see Irelia or Riven mid? The rest of the mid lane roster? 4 will generally win. Like 6 can go even against him with a slight edge, the other 25 people are all but guarenteed to lose the lane. Take him bot lane? The only champ who stands a chance of winning lane is Lucian. The only role in which he isn't basically guarenteed a free lane phase is top lane. And even then 10/18 of the most common matchups for him will be even or in his favor, though admittedly those other 8 will most likely dominate him. ---- So what's my point? Yasuo is the goddamned Viktor Top of mid lane. He is so annoying and frustrating to fight. He's like 3rd teir on movement speed which gives him a higher running speed than 75% of the champion pool, and that's on top of a .1 second cooldown dash, which is targetted, admittedly, but come the fuck on. Akali got reworked because her Q ult gameplay pattern was hard to fight against and basically a stat check, but Yasuo can basically do the same thing as long as he has a non marked target, of which your lane minions provide several. He can dash in, Q dash out before you can even generally respond, and if you do respond odds are either has his shield up or is just going to windwall anything you throw at him. It's impossible to just poke down his shield as a mid laner because in order to get into range to guarentee the hit, you have to be in range for him to jump to you real quick, then he gets to jump back out because of the low cooldown. Then there's his windwall originating at his position. He can throw the shield in the wrong way and be fine because of this. I don't even think Braum can do that. ---- On top of all of this safety, and pure frustrating gameplay that repeatedly forgives any mistake he makes, the game is literally coded to help him and provide even more safety. His ult literally forgives turret dives because, for some reason, he needs that. You can't even say it's because he'd take turret shots while stunned, but his ult does proc turret aggro until he's not stunned anymore because that's when the damage happens. And if he's diving with no minions, he deserves to take the damage, because he dove without minions. Why, on top of being tied for 3rd highest movement speed, while having a targetted .1 second cooldown dash, and a windwall that can block shots that have already hit or came from the opposite direction he cast the spell in. ---- And then we have his Q, which first of all has a maximum CDR cap of 67% for one thing. For two, every 3rd Q is going to be a tornado that moves fairly quick even for a skill shot, not to mention the confusing af hitbox, his first two Qs barely count as skill shots due to how wide it's hit box is, and he can throw the tornado out every 12 - 2.5 seconds. With no cost. He doesn't even have to hit two consecutive Qs at that point, he can miss two in a row in fact, and the fourth one will still become the Tornado. And on top of that, it has an interaction with his E that turns it into a huge aoe all around him, meaning that in addition to getting that .1 second cd dash, with the high movement speed he is then granted even more damage for using the dash as if it didnt already super charge his shield and make him next to impossible to hit with skill shots. On top of that his dash speed is boosted by movement speed making him even harder to hit. On top of that the aoe nature of his Q makes it so virtually noone in the game can farm as easily as him, allowing him to utilize his needlessly strong 'weak' early game to shoot straight to his intentionally overly strong late game. And on top of all of this his ultimate resets his shield while being coded to position him in the most advantageous position for diving and grants him massive armor pen making building defensively on anyone not an outright tank a waste of gold. ---- Maybe this belongs in RANT tbh, but I just, why, just why. Like honestly, Passive that doubles a stat and gives a free shield roughly every 5-20 seconds or when he ults. Q - Aoe auto attack that can become aoe when dashing and he doesnt have to stop moving when casting it. W - An aoe projectile deleter, that blocks projectiles from any direction and is bigger than his own hitbox, which covers like half a lane at max rank, it also originates from him and moves slightly meaning he doesnt have to aim it to block a spell. E - .5-.1 second cooldown which gets faster with his already 3rd teir movement speed, increases in damage as it gets cast repeatedly and quickly charges his passive shield. R - Aoe Suspension that is coded to position him favorably gives him the free shield and makes armor all but useless for a whopping 15 seconds even though he can already delete people faster than that. Also, he can use it from off your screen from any displacement. ---- I don't think anyone else in the game has a kit with as many features as Yasuo. I think that at most, people have matched him, at which point they had features removed for being overloaded. Riot has publically acknowledged he is frustrating to play against, and even said they'd minorly rework him before deciding not to for some reason. ---- Riot Rep said they havnt nerfed Riven yet because only NA bans her, but more than just NA bans this guy. He has like a 65% banrate, which isn't just an occasional banrate but often near constant unless someone else is utterly broken, which means he is literally banned pretty much every draft based match. Noone wants to deal with this guy, at any elo, he is ridiculous, he makes laning unfun, he makes fighting unfun, he makes everything about the games he is in unfun. When there's a Yasuo, odds are the only one who's going to have fun is the person playing him. Playing Yasuo is like playing pre nerf Meta Knight. He is, without question the epitome of a try hard character who is nothing but frustrating to play against, for no, good, reason. ---- >TL:DR Yasuo is overloaded and needlessly frustrating to fight, to the point where he has a near permanant >50% banrate, will appear as a ban or a pick in around 80% of your games. He makes the game unfun for no justified reason, and is a hypercarry with a ridiculously strong early game. More ban rates! NA - 65% Korea - 65% EUW - 68% EUNE - 65% JAPAN - 68% OCEANIA - 65% RUSSIA - 66% TURKEY - 68% (Zed is at 77% there, first time someone is more banned than Yas) BRAZIL - 69% LAS - OMG! 57%! Below 60! LAN - WOW! 55%! It's a fucking miracle!(Both Lan and Las ban Zed more.) Any other regions? Because that's NINE separate regions with a >60% banrate for him. NINE. WHOLE. REGIONS. Seriously why, you basically can't even play him in draft. And it's not because he's strong, it's because he's annoying as fucking hell.
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