Co-op vs AI matches are being overwhelmed with scripted accounts

Hello, I apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate place to discuss. I have been a frequent user of Co-op vs AI for quite a long time and as of late sightings of scripted accounts playing are becoming a significant issue. It is greatly detrimental for not only new players to League of Legends, but any and all players who wish to test or train themselves. I have not had such a high occurrence in matches this much at all ever and I make effort to ensure that each individual account is a scripted account as well. There are general indications to notice such as intentional feeding, but there is only one report category that is close and that is "Cheating" for third party program use. It is very frustrating to experience this, I play this game mode for a variety of reasons and I cannot enjoy the game if it is entirely AI. The few other players that I encounter when this happens are also upset by this and I encourage them to report these accounts. I would suggest to observe for the most common occurrence I see, I will detail this below. Usually all these are visible in the event a scripted account is present. _(Please note that there is potential for a player to match these attributes and not be a scripted player, it is important to watch their actions and look for AI like patterns in their movement)_ * The summoner spell {{summoner:6}} is bound to the "D" key and {{summoner:7}} spell on the "F" key * The summoner icons are Master Yi or Miss Fortune * The accounts are very often under level 30 * Keystones that are extremely out of place * Items that are extremely out of place and clearly not experimental * Excessive deaths due to intentional movement into towers and enemy champions There are more instances that indicate a scripted player beyond what I have listed and scripted players will go beyond what one would expect with actions such as designating honor to another player and building optimal itemization. Below is a match where there were four other scripted AI, creating a game entirely of AI. It is imperative to take time to notice and report these accounts, as for Riot Games I hope that this has been noticed and that efforts are being made to improve the stability of Co-op vs AI. Thank you for reading.
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