Another day where Wukong sit at 47-48% winrate with almost RIP pick rate and no presence in world

Yet we get ignored by the balance team and Meddler himself, not getting any sort of information about that rework who himself said should start to show once they announce about Pre-Season changes (Which already happened ) and in same time we got to sit here without any buff for him watching him becoming complete trash in jungler and not playable in other lane. {{champion:48}} and {{champion:113}} atleast got their powerspikes spells that can help them in solo queue while being deadly picks in World, while {{champion:62}} have no tool to farm, help team early, no ability to 1v1 hell even i will consider {{champion:72}} being on the same level of being useless just like {{champion:62}} right now. So how long we will be ignored ? till every wukong main quit this game or what? and honestly i'm sick of it and what make it worst people still somehow think he is viable pick or even being "One shot assassin " when he can't do anything right now at all beside dying and being dead weight on his team. And numbers doesn't lie.
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