Is the removal of Kleptomancy really necessary?

I really love the concept of Klepto, getting rewards for trading, while making the trades more risky (at least the early ones) trough the lack of a combat keystone. As far as i see the biggest concern about Klepto is the dominance of free scaling ranged top laners, but is this such a big problem? In the Top 20 most played champions on Top lane right now are only 2 Klepto abusers and they are only the 13th and 14th most played Top laners. Is this really a problem that requires the removal of the above mentioned concept without giving a replacement that goes even remotely in the same direction? Could not small adjustments, like a ranged attack onto a melee opponent triggering both stacks, while only granting the reward of one or adding a cooldown be enough? Even though Klepto could still be called a niche pick it's removal would leave a big hole for champions like Ezreal of MF because all the other Keystone fell really bad on them and "Omnistone" won't change anything about that. The concept of a random Keystone is interesting, but please don't use it as a replacement for Kleptomancy and instead maybe use it as an addition to the inspiration Tree.
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