Im gold 2 and a silver 4 ended up in my match and i have a 51% win ratio

I would never take a loss and whine on the boards about it but yeah i want my LP refunded this silver 4 {{champion:203}} ended up in my match somehow , we lost solely becus the enemy team acquired 2 infernals back to back , before hand i was playing {{champion:22}} and i had vision of bot and mid , jg becus of my hawk arrow and other wards placed whenever i pinged for the drake? guess where my jungler was? ON THE OTHER SIDE of the map ! and everytime he ganked he would SAVE the enemy from me with his ult and i would die in every fight. Ive seen people who don't belong in gold period but jesus chirst was this unfair. The enemy team had someone who was in promos for gold 1 ! how can a silver 4 with no prior matches end up in this match?? i checked and THE ENTIRE enemy team was GOLD 2 just HOW riot i wanna know thank you.
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