Senna hotfix on the PBE?

So I just noticed they hotfixed Senna's on-hits with her AAs and Q on the PBE. Sooo...she no longer gets 2 Black Cleaver stacks per AA and Q. For a little while you could get a full 6 stacks of Black Cleaver with just an AA>Q>AA.. basically instant. Kind of a shame really.. This also means that Muramana is fixed on her too. She should no longer get 2 stacks of the Muramana on-hit passive per AA and Q like she was before(which is why she was OP as balls). It's basically like Guinsoos double-proc is working on every attack specifically for Muramana and Black Cleaver. When this hotfix reaches live servers, Muramana won't be her core anymore. I think I still like Black Cleaver though as a support anyways.. I mean I can still get 4 stacks rather quickly and efficiently.. just takes a little bit longer for the full stack..and i think it's still worth it to suit her strengths as an ADC Support, especially in combination with PTA...she can increase the other ADC's damage by quite a bit with that keystone/item combo. I mean, I'll be using it...idk if anyone else will be...they SHOULD be abusing it while it's still broken, but I guess the fact that Muramana works the same way, it just outshines it. Still.. I'd at least go Muramana then Black Cleaver...just get them both! :P But yeah...soon Muramana is gonna be junk on Senna. I mean, I'm sure we'll see a bunch of people still using it because not everyone actually knows why it's good/broken. lool. I wonder how long it's going to take for people to figure out their Muramana Senna build went down the trashcan.
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