Thank you riot for getting rid of the Penalty on Support..... but why a Nami Buff?

Okay 1) Riot on PBE has removed the 1000 Quest Minion Penalty from support items. YAY! Now my post 1000g Senna or Morgana won't be forced to gain only 7 gold a minion they kill, and people who play support won't feel like the game is over when they can no longer scale to buy items. 2) Why is Riot messing with Nami, and making her E effective on spells? The change literally means that I can abate from auto attacking, E myself, and use Q or W and do enhanced damage. It also means I can use W as a relatively long distance SLOW. This is going to vault her already good win rates up to Senna levels. I don't want to see my fishy fish dish getting perma banned or reworked in some abusive ways, just because Riot won't reneg on their adjustment! The only purpose of the E chant I can see is to balance her out as a multi-laner. It means she might be able to Mage top or mid a little better (even though her kit is a bit awkward as a laner due to her base AD ratios, and the fact Q is one of the most awkward solo lane skills to use, since it takes so much predictive play) {{sticker:sg-lulu}} (P.S. Why do boards not have Nami stickers yet?)
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