Why is the ranked system so inconsistent

I climbed to Gold I 100 lp, lost my promos due to having AFK's 2 of my games. Tilted all the way to Gold IV 0 lp. Climbed back to Gold I, immediately go on a 5 game losing streak and get demoted to Gold II. Should there really be this much fluctuation? Am I randomly losing all of my skill? Is the difference between Gold II and Gold I that large? It honestly feels like my games are won based on the team mates I get, and it usually has little to do with how I play. I'll have a 8 game win streak, then suddenly get 10 straight teams that just don't listen to me or try for objectives. Teams that wonder around the map like vagabonds with no goal. Teams that contest 0 dragons. Teams that refuse to group. Teams that refuse to ward. Jungles that bait me into thinking they are ganking, then bail last second to let me die. The list goes on.
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