Bots in Coop vs AI

So recently a friend of mine picked up league and i was gonna show him the ropes with coop vs ai and well every single game we got into was full of bots on my team, they only has ghost and heal and pick free to play champs and just feed. Ive tried a couple other games with him thinking it was just that 1 time but around 5 games later it was still happening, every single time. I even went alone thinking it was a level difference thing but wasnt. I usually play bots to just mess around with new champs and for first win of the day but after 3 games by myself all the games had bots on my team. I reported all the bots but it doesnt seem to do anything. At this point its getting aggravating that theres such a high concentration of bots everywhere. Is it that hard to incorporate a recaptha to deter bots Rito?
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