Are all Silver supports super salty?

I honestly can't stand playing ranked anymore. I've been hardstuck silver for the longest time because of people who can't play their lanes, autofilled roles, AFK's, rage quits, and the list goes on. The most recent thing that pisses me off is supports who think they are the carry. I have had so many matches where the support, not a tank btw, goes in by themselves and expects me, the ADC, to follow them when it's a bad fight to take. We are both at halfish health and, for example, Brand hits a pillar and manages to stun or Morgana hits a stun on the tank support at almost full health, then expects me to magically teleport into auto attack range and deal a ridiculous amount of damage to kill them without taking damage and getting killed by the enemy ADC. Then next thing you know, chat is blowing up from the support calling me bad for not doing anything and letting them die. God forbid you try to tell them that it was a bad fight and you should have stayed back because apparently you don't know what you're talking about. Or how about when they decided to go put a deep ward in the enemy jungle when we have no vision on the bot lane or the enemy jungler and everybody is alive, they get caught out, try to leave, then die. All of a sudden, it's your fault for not following him and still farming in lane. Can't say anything though because they're right and your wrong. Next thing you know, they decide to take you farm because you're so bad and don't deserve it. That just pushes me over the edge. I'm not one to keep typing in chat, but when that happens, I lose my cool. Then you see in all chat the support calling me salty and wanting me reported. The sad part about this is that it isn't a one time thing. This happens to me at least 6 times a week (not exactly as I mentioned) and I play around 3-4 games a day. Whew, felt good to finally rant and get that off my chest.
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