Would removing critical strikes from the game cause problems?

Let's make one thing clear from the start: this is not a post whining about how stupid crits are, and demanding that RIOT remove them. I am legitimately curious if it would be an issue. With the disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the topic. (I realize removing crits from the game is totally infeasible in terms of finding out how to rebalance the game without it, so this is purely hypothetical.) In my opinion crits just add RNG to a game that, in my opinion, should avoid using RNG as much as possible. I find it very frustrating to lose a duel because the enemy landed multiple crits. I also don't find it rewarding when I win a duel because I land multiple crits. I would be happy if there were no crits in the game, because that would remove the only source of luck, that I can think of, in the game. It is possible that there are reasons crits are important to balance, and the they do add to the game in a way I don't realize. So, are there reasons that removing crits would cause issues with balance, and damage the game in general? I obviously wouldn't advocate just removing crits and not compensating champions that use it. I just think it would be more fair to have all champions have predictable damage output. For this reason I don't have issues with crit effects such as on stormrazor. As long as they are predictable I don't think there is an issue, but needing to do statistics to calculate your chance of survival is annoying. Again, I don't hate crits, I just can't personally think of a reason why the game is better with them. Do you think that crits add something to the game, or do you have any other reasons that crits are important to the game?
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