Since riot can't make ap bruiser items for some reason, here's a few random ideas

Cost: X Stinger + fiendish Codex + Aether wisp {{item:3115}} Vilemaw Claw(Melee Only): 200 HP 40 AP 20% Cooldown Reduction 35% Attack speed Movementspeed + 7% Unique Passive: Basic attacks and abilities grant 1 stack of Vilemaw's wrath and deal 8 (+ X AP) - 24(+ X AP) bonus magic damage on-hit, increasing with each stack of Vilemaw's Wrath. At 6 stacks, Gain 20% Tenacity and 30% Magic Pen. Stacks of Vilemaw's Wrath fall off after being out of combat for (X) seconds. {{item:4004}} Purgatory Wraithblade(Melee Only): Cost: X Oblivion Orb + Amp tome + Giants Belt 450 HP 50 AP Unique Passive: 15 Magic Pen (Morellonomicon pen wont stack) Unique Passive(wont stack with cinderhulk): Increases health by 20% bonus health. Unique Passive: Upon taking Damage greater than or equal to (X amount of Max HP) Gain +50% Movement speed that decays over 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, create a shockwave slowing enemies around you by 50% for 1 second. {{item:3084}} Cuirass of the Ancients(Melee Only) Cost X Kindlegem + Haunting Guise HP + 400 Ap + 40 10% Cooldown Reduction Unique Passive: 10% Spell Vamp Unique active: Store all damage dealt to champions for 3 seconds. After this effect wears off, gain a shield equal to X amount of damage dealt. If this shield isn't broken within 3 seconds, the remaining shield will be converted into health. These are just some random ideas off the top of my head... I know you can do something better riot. How long do we have to wait to get proper ap bruiser itemization? We were promised them in s10 preseason. {{champion:517}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:131}}
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