Quitting ranked this season, matchmaking isn't working in my favour and feels rigged.

Been playing ranked for 4 years, started Silver first and been gold for the past 3. Hard Stuck. Lose my promos to plat about 3 times, go on a losing spree because of literally mostly teams. When I'm climbing well and lose a game or two I accept if it was really my fault- I.e Getting an S and still losing is not my fault. However, going on a 12 game lose spree after an already bad drop from G1 to G2 with a higher loss than win rate when I was previously at a 60% win ratio now down to 49% is just dumb. What's interesting is that I'm also at a 48-49% ratio on another account. And my other 2 accounts were also at around 50%, starting to decline- after getting to a certain elo/mmr in ranked. After hitting high gold, low plat I start getting the worst teams. In one game had a griefing Zilean go 0/36. In 2 other games had people ban my champ saying 'fuck you I wanted to' when I asked them why. Had 2 afks in others games, and just your general trolls and feeders. They just came out of nowhere, took my account by storm and then came the 12 game lose streak. This is extremely demotivating to play, just an insult at all my hard effort and well earned stats now left in the dump. It honestly feels intentional. To any dismissive trolls who wish to comment things like "oh you just peaked" "maybe you're not good enough" "maybe carry harder" I won't dignify such baseless and nonsensical arguments. I've done this for 4 years with the same pattern, and same decline in matchmaking quality. If I was good enough to win games in low plat high gold, I shouldn't be losing games to low gold/high silver when I deranked to G3, but instead go up. However, when this drop happens I can never recover. That is the smoking gun for me that matchmaking is rigged. The loss streaks I incur despite playing well. 80% of the games in those loss streaks are determined by teams and matchmaking, 20% were my fault not playing well and I accept that. https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=captcha%20or%20lose First game: 0/7 top / I'm 3/2 mid with 6.1 cs Second game: 0/4 top who's Silver 2 while the enemy team is all at least Gold 4 Third game: 4/7 top who's also Silver 2 while whole enemy team is at least Gold 4 Fourth game: 3/6 top 1/10 supp Fifth game: 1/5 top 0/4 mid Sixth game: 1/5 top and 2/6 JANNA MID :) Seventh Game: My fault :) oh look I don't just blame my teammates and can see where I played poorly because guess what it's a team game and having shitty team mates is a possibility, one that occurs frequently with this community. Eighth game: 0/5 jungle 1/5 mid Ninth game: 2/12 mid while I'm 5/2 Jinx ADC with 7.7 CS Tenth game: Mostly my fault, however top also went 1/5, jungle 2/6 and supp 2/5 while I was a terrible 1/8. Eleventh game: Partly my fault, but mostly due to 1/10 jungle and partly 1/5 top Twelfth game: 3/11 ADC 5/8 Top 3 of these games I deserved to lose, the other 9 were determined by an assortment of matchmaking, bad luck and terrible teammates. If you look at my tier graph, I don't deserve this after my effort to get from S1 to G2 in just 1 week. Making it to my plat promos and now being 8LP in G3, I've had it and have dropped even faster than I climbed, which doesn't frankly make any sense.
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