Viktor Top is the same as Vayne,Lucian,Gnar,Jayce,Teemo and Rumble Top.

He is an okay champion,nothing changed for him,he hasnt been touched for months (klepto too) so why should riot balance him now? literally NOTHING CHANGED. Q: What changed and people suddenly cry about him ? A: Popularity Of course he will most likely destroy you,he is a fucking mage **Top**,a **RANGED CHAMPION TOP.** Look at {{champion:150}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:68}} And in rare occasions {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} Guess what they have ? ranged abilities, guess what top laners hate the most? ranged champions,why? because **THE MAJORITY OF TOP LANERS ARE MELEE ** Go ahead and fucking ban him,since you prefer fighting against {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} Spend your ban on {{champion:112}} But you can also play a counter to Viktor,how amazing right? Or even better,learn to play Klepto Viktor and abuse something thats in the game for almost a year but you needed a LC$ player to show it to you. What im trying to say is that its just a stupid meta,it will probably pass...hell riot will probably reduce his Q ap damage by 20 level 5 and people will call him useless and stop playing simply because he received a nerf...
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