Riot ruining Support once again

Hello everyone, I am confused about the patchnotes that just hit the live servers, riot is ruining the support role by these significant changes. I know Support was a strong role in competetive scene this season, but support has never been a role which was really loved by the community because most of the time Supports felt useless in a Game. The've changed the Supportrole to a better role making it more comfortable and fun to play. So my question is why are they shifting back to the useless Support Meta. First of all they've already took down the share of Expierence you gain as a Duo or a Group. Skirmishes on lanes and the botlane overall are going to be a lot weaker, because of the XP difference you gain compared to Top and Midlane. They are removing CDR completly from the agressive Supportitem{{item:3850}} and the early bonus magic dmg + the mana regen you've gained. They even set down the Ability Power from 10 to 8 compensating all these nerfs with 15 Gold per ability or auto attack on a hit instead of 10 Gold + 10 Health and later on 70 Health with {{item:3851}}. The final Item Shard of True Ice {{item:3853}} requires 1000 Gold of gaining from Frostfang {{item:3851}} and gives you 150 Health 60 Ability Power (before 200 Health and 35 Ability Power with {{item:3312}} ) You gain 3 Gold per 10 Seconds with {{item:3851}} and{{item:3853}} instead of 2 but that isn't a huge difference overall. I know this post is complaining more about Supports like {{champion:267}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:37}} and less about Tank and grab supports like {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} but they are also nerfed of course. I just don't get the point of why are they shifting back the Supportrole to an really unhealthy place. The Gold income is going to be really small as it was a few seasons ago and Support is going to be really unsatisfying to play compared to every other Role.

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